Samsung Galaxy S III Vs iPhone 4S – Outer Body Strength Test [Video]

by admin on August 11, 2012

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We are back with one of our favorite tests of all time. I personally love it because it involves breaking, tearing and damaging some of the best gadgets around the world. This time we have the ultimate Galaxy S3 in one hand, and the good old lovely iPhone 4S on the other, and guess what we are going to test them against? This time, the devices won’t be dropped on hard concrete, neither will they be drowned in water. Instead, they will be dragged along a moving car to test their outer body strength. Both the devices are sealed pack, and I certainly wished that the makers of this video had given those smartphones to me, rather than destroying them completely!


iphone 4s-vs-galaxy s3-outer test

In the past, we have seen Apple’s iPad doused in molten lava, Apple iPhone 4S crushed in a mixer along with Samsung’s Galaxy Note and in-numerous other such videos, but this is the first time we have come up with a video where two of the best smartphones would be dragged along, on a solid road. Certainly, the creators of these videos share no love for these amazing devices, but these do have a positive result. We get to know the strength and life of these gadgets attacked with normal everyday situations.

What makes things worst for us to see is, that the devices used in this video are not second-hand smartphones. Rather, the person takes up sealed pack boxes, rips the box off and then uses these brand new smartphones, which include the all time favorite Android powered Galaxy S3, and Apple’s iPhone 4S. So here you go!

Each of the device gets attached to a string, which is then further locked to the boot of the car and then dragged along. However, after a ride, the Corning Gorilla Glass of Galaxy S3 certainly gets an edge over the screen of Apple’s iPhone 4S. With comparatively lesser scratches and damages, Galaxy S3 takes up all the credit.


This is fairly opposite to other tests like drop test where Galaxy S3 was beaten by iPhone 4S within no time. However, these tests are always random and are not really accurate, since the results depend on situations each device faces. Still, do not try this with your smartphone!

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