iPhone 4S Goes On Sale, Hints At September Launch Of Apple iPhone 5

by admin on August 5, 2012

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As we near September, the news of Apple unveiling its next generation of iPhone, popular as the iPhone 5 is getting more crisp than ever, shutting down majority of rumors and reports which have been coming up since the beginning of this year. Well, recently a blogger friend of ours encountered a Dock to Mini Dock connector leak on official Apple’s website, hinting towards the release of iPhone 5 anytime between September-October. Today, we came across a strange deal coming up from Apple’s carrier partner, Sprint which is now offering flat $50 discount on Apple’s iPhone 4S.


iphone 4s for sale-iphone 5

The reason is clear. Sprint needs to clear-away the stock of Apple’s iPhone 4S it promised to buy from Apple. According to a Sprint retailer, the company will be notifying its retailers that the new prices will be active until September 14 ‘2012, which takes us a step ahead, towards the claims that Apple’s iPhone 5 would be seen in September. Sprint is now selling its iPhone 4S at a prices of $149 for 16GB variant, which is almost $50 cheaper than the earlier official price.

This sudden discount offered by Sprint hints towards the September launch of Apple’s iPhone 5, though we have not yet seen anything official coming from the Cupertino based giant, Apple. The timings just seem appropriate, since the rumored Apple iPhone 5 is expected to be announced in a public event on September 12 ‘2012, where it will be available for the public on September 21 ‘2012, as claimed by reports from sources close to Apple.

However, we are not taking a word until we see something coming from Apple itself. Even a public event announcement would serve the purpose though!


Sprint is one of the largest carriers in the US ,and also one of those who are covered under an agreement with Apple to sell iPhones, besides AT&T and Verizon. From what we conclude here at Gadgec, this move has been taken in order to clear large inventories of Apple iPhone 4S, and to prepare themselves for the iPhone 5, coming anytime in September!

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