Apple iPhone 3GS Is Out, iPhone 4S 8 GB Is In- Next Week

by admin on September 7, 2012

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We are a couple of days away from the official launch of one of the most anticipated smartphone of 2012. A device which no longer needs an introduction or advertisements. Yes, we are talking about the iPhone 5 which is expected to be launched on September 12 ‘2012, in Apple’s upcoming media event. This is not all. We here at Gadgec are the unofficial media partners of the event, and rest assured, if you are unable to attend the event on September 12 ‘2012, we are here to keep you updated with live streaming sources of the event, live blogging and much more.


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Apple’s iPhone 5 is going to be quite an upgrade to its predecessor, the iPhone 4S and not-so-surprisingly Apple seems to be closing support of its earlier iPhone devices as the iPhone 5 makes a debut. The recent report from sources close to Apple confirm that Apple will be discontinuing its iPhone 3GS device, and will be unveiling the iPhone 4S 8 GB variant, which will of course be refurbished iPhone, in its media event next week.

The news comes directly from The Telegraph, which reports that the free with contract iPhone 3GS will be replaced with iPhone 4S 8 GB in the coming days. The 8GB iPhone 4S will not be available for free though, you will have to pay $99 which is the on-contract fee. Apart from iPhone 4S 8GB, iPhone 5 will be available in standard three variants, i.e 16GB, 32GB and 64GB and will be available in the US market by September 21 ‘2012, after it is announced on September 12 ‘2012.


The good old iPhone 3GS will bid adieu to the world, as we welcome the stunning Apple iPhone 5 on September 12 ‘2012. Also to be launched in the event is Apple’s iOS 6 full-version which will be supported by devices higher than the iPhone 3GS. We are yet not sure about the iPad Mini launch date, as we are expecting it to be unveiled in a different media event.

We are eagerly waiting for the week to pass, and get our hands on the iPhone 5. So, are you going to buy the next-gen iPhone? For more, keep subscribed!

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