iOS 6 Hints A 4-Inch Display For Apple iPhone 5, Sports 5-Row Icons

by admin on August 7, 2012

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It is August ‘2012, and we have a raw perception of what the next generation iPhone, or the better known iPhone 5 would look like. Some of the changes which will be brought about in Apple’s iPhone 5 hint towards a smaller charging port, nano-SIM technology, and a 4-inch display. Apple is currently testing its iOS 6 which is at final stages before it could be released for public, and here we have something interesting for our readers, from our friends at 9To5Mag . The guys at 9To5Mag recently published their new findings on Apple’s upcoming iOS 6, which hints towards a longer display on Apple’s next generation iPhone. Here’s more, after the jump.


ios 6 4-inch display iphone 5

The news first came from our friends at 9To5Mag, confirming that they were able to scale iOS 6’s display which is compatible with a resolution of 640 x 1136 pixels, pointing towards a 3.95-inch display. Here’s more from 9To5Mag:

“Thanks to some tweaks to the iOS Simulator application that is included in the iOS development tools, we were able to run the simulator at the rumored next-generation iPhone display resolution of 640 x 1136. We did this running both the current public release of iOS 5.1 and the upcoming iOS 6.0. The iOS 5.1 simulator displayed the home screen with a stretched set of four rows of icons. On the other hand, iOS 6 displayed five complete rows — as our sources said Apple was testing for taller iPhone displays.

This proves that the upcoming release of iOS 6, which will obviously come pre-loaded on the new iPhone, is well-aware of taller iPhone displays. It scales perfectly to the taller resolution.”

Well, if the reports are true, we can take a step forward towards confirming a 4-inch display on Apple iPhone 5 which is scheduled for release anytime in between September-October ‘2012, as claimed by sources close to Apple. The device will come pre-loaded with iOS 6 which comes with a support for 4-inch displays as confirmed by 9To5Mag recently. Further, this larger display on iPhone 5 happily accommodates 5-row icons set on the device screen sporting a clutter free efficient display.


Apart from a larger display, Apple’s iPhone 5 will have a stronger processor, NFC technology and 4G/LTE compatible, as claimed by reports from major tech critics. Well, we are still keeping our lips sealed on this topic for a while before we get our hands on some more information. Until then, keep subscribed to our newsletter to be the first ones to know about Apple’s iPhone 5.

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