iOS 6 Jailbreak Already Possible On iPhone 4, Says MuscleNerd

by admin on June 12, 2012

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iOS 6 jailbreak is already possible! Yes you read it right. The news came first from our friend at Twitter, MuscleNerd to be specific. It hasn’t even been 24-hours since Apple unveiled the proclaimed smartest operating system in the world, the iOS 6. The news of iOS 6 jailbreak has created a sudden hype and excitement among millions of users who love to jailbreak their iDevices to add an extra dimension to it. The iOS 6, which appeared glamorous in the WWDC 2012 event was made available for developers as a beta firmware after the event! Here is a complete roundup and all you need to know about the infamous iOS 6.


When To Expect iOS 6 Jailbreak?


The keynote of the event is now available on official website of Apple, so if you missed the glimpse by any chance, you can simply go through it there. Okay, we are here to talk about news of iOS 6 jailbreak which has recently surfaced across the internet. This happens to be the best news for many of Apple’s hardcore jailbreak fans, however one this is certainly clear. Even though the jailbreak has been a success, there is no news if it will be released for iOS users any time soon. The reason is appreciable as well. Apple released iOS 6 beta in the event yesterday. Once the jailbreak community releases the jailbreak, Apple would simply patch it up in its final iOS 6 release, thus giving some more sleepless nights to the jailbreak team members.

Second reason being that even though iOS 6 jailbreak has been achieved, the Cydia and many other software configurations appear broken at the moment. Jailbreak team still needs some more time before a completely safe iOS 6 jailbreak is achieved. The jailbreak was made possible using RedSn0w tool for iOS 5.1.1. However, I have been failing to jailbreak my iPhone 4 running on iOS 6 beta, as whenever I point RedSn0w towards the older firmware, it fails to accept it! As of now, MuscleNerd has been able to jailbreak an iPhone 4, i.e A4-chip devices only, and was seen tweeting the following:

iOS 6 Jailbreak Log From MuscleNerd:


ios6 jailbreak musclenerd

ios 6 jailbreak

So yes, you may expect a jailbreak in the coming weeks, but I guess jailbreak team will unveil the iOS 6 jailbreak once it is completely launched for general iOS users. For more, stay tuned to Gadgec!

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