iOS 6 Jailbreak For iPhone 5 – 10 Things You Need To Know

by admin on December 19, 2012

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Ever since the Cupertino based giant unveiled the all new iPhone 5, people have been going crazy over the jailbreak issue which is no-where near discovery at the moment. We have seen a number of people claiming to have found a way of jailbreaking iPhone 5, specially the iOS 6, but all settle down with a fake-label in the end. Well, we don’t want you to go gaga or rather say confused regarding what to do, and when to do, so here’s a list of top 10 facts you need to know, regarding the iOS 6 jailbreak on iPhone 5 and other previous devices.


ios 6 jailbreak for iphone 5

Top 10 Things You Need To Know About iOS 6 Jailbreak

  • There is no UNTETHERED jailbreak in the market for iOS 6 at the moment. So in-case some person or organization claims to perform untethered jailbreak on your iPhone 5 or previous devices on iOS 6, do not fall for it. Keep subscribed to our updates to be the first ones to know about iOS 6 jailbreak for iPhone 5 and other devices.
  • The only jailbreak available for iOS 6 is available in the tethered form, and that too only for iPhone 4 and previous devices running on A4-Chip or lesser processor.
  • A tethered jailbreak if you don’t know, means that you will need to connect your device to the computer every-time you reboot your device. The jailbreak is lost once you reboot your device, so you need to connect it to the computer and follow the on-screen instructions on exploit programs like RedSn0w.
  • The devices including iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad Mini iPod Touch 5G are yet not jailbreak friendly. Neither a tethered nor an untethered jailbreak can be performed on these devices. Do not try jailbreaking these devices!
  • The iOS 6 jailbreak for iPhone 5 as proposed by a noob using alias DREAM JAILBREAK on YouTube and Twitter has been reported fake. Rest assured, we will keep you updated as soon as the iOS 6 jailbreak is ready in the untethered form for iPhone 5 and all other Apple devices running on the particular iOS.
  • The proposed jailbreak which was to be released on December 22 ‘2012 has been confirmed as a fake-news by none other than Dream Jailbreak itself using his personal Twitter account which has been deleted afterwards.
  • The iOS 6 jailbreak is still in its initial stages, and various dev members of the jailbreak community are working towards its development.
  • As of now, it is not clear if a jailbreak would even be AVAILABLE in any time in the future or not.
  • In case you on iOS 6.0.1, we DO NOT recommend you to update to the iOS 6.0.2 released by Apple yesterday, as it fixes the WiFi bug encountered earlier which could point towards iOS 6 jailbreak in future. The same has been tweeted by our friend and one of the active jailbreak community member on Twitter- MuscleNerd.
  • And lastly, kindly dismiss any iOS 6 jailbreak for iPhone 5 claims unless and until confirmed by Dev Team members, and hence by us afterwards.

Let us know your views on the iOS 6 jailbreak, and when to expect it via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed!

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