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by admin on June 13, 2012

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So Apple recently unveiled the beta version of its proclaimed smartest operating system of the world, the iOS 6. Well, we are quite impressed with the features and functionality of the operating system and couldn’t resist trying it out ourselves. The recent news came yesterday from our friend at Twitter, MuscleNerd who has apparently jailbroken his iPhone 4 running on iOS 6. Okay, we are not really here to talk about jailbreaking your iOS 6 here. After we published our complete roundup of iOS 6 recently, a lot of our readers have been asking me compatibility of those glamorous iOS 6 features with their iDevices.

I am still excited to review the official complete iOS 6, once it gets released. The iOS 6 features a lot of never seen before features and performance tweaks which come in handy firmware package for your favorite iDevice which includes iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, New iPad, and iPod Touch 4G. The features have been tested by Apple itself and a report is officially available on Apple’s website. Here is our review of features which are compatible with different iDevices:



iOS 6 Compatibility [Tested]:

  • Apple finally made FaceTime possible of cellular network. While this is made possible by unification of mobile number and Apple ID, please not that this feature will only be supported on iPhone 4S and the New iPad.
  • Also, Offline Reading list was introduced in the event. The feature will be supported on iPhone 4 and later, as well as iPad 2 and later devices.
  • VIP Inbox will be supported on iPhone 4 and later, as well as iPad 2 and later devices.
  • Similarly, Apple’s awesome Photo Stream sharing feature will be available on iPhone 4 and later, as well as iPad 2 and later devices.
  • Siri has been made available on the new iPad now. So it will be supported on iPhone 4S and New iPad.
  • FlyOver and Turn-by-Turn navigation will be available on iPhone 4S and iPad 2 or later.

Unfortunately, even though iPhone 3GS is compatible with the iOS 6 update, there are hardly any of these features which will be available on the device. Yes, the Maps will be supported on iPhone 3GS!


iOS 6 -Apple Preview:

ios 6- compatibility-test

As of now, iPhone 4 seems to be the most compatible device for iOS 6 this time, supporting almost everything, except for Siri. While there is still a long time before Apple releases it’s iOS 6 for general iDevice users, keep subscribed to witness the best of iOS 6 news, only on Gadgec.

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