iOS 6 Beta 4 Shuts Down Official YouTube App, Here’s Why!

by admin on August 7, 2012

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It was one fine morning of 2007, when Steve Jobs unveiled a revolutionary device. “An iPod, which is also a Phone”, were his exact words as he unveiled the first generation iPhone. Ever since the launch of iPhone, the whole mobile industry has undergone a massive change and things became easier for users with the launch of App Store. One of them was the official YouTube app which resulted from a coalition between Cupertino based tech giant, Apple and Google respectively. However, things have started to shake a bit with the recent launch of Apple’s iOS 6 beta 4 which is currently available for registered developers only. Here’s more, right after the jump!


iOS 6 youtube app removed

Native YouTube App Removed From iOS 6 Beta 4:

When Apple first released its iOS 6 beta 3 for developers, we experienced a small change in the video playback from YouTube. Earlier, when you used to point the web-browser to a YouTube link, it used to automatically trigger the official native YouTube app. In iOS 6 Beta 3, whenever we clicked on a YouTube link from Safari browser, it used to load the online YouTube interface for us instead of opening the YouTube app. And now with iOS 6 Beta 4 out for developers, Apple has ended support for the native YouTube app completely, i.e there is no YouTube app on Apple’s iOS 6 beta 4 as of now. When we came across this news at first, our reaction was a much expected one. We thought that things weren’t really smooth between Apple and Google, but in no time Apple released a public notice claiming the following:

Our license to include the YouTube app in iOS has ended, customers can use YouTube in the Safari browser and Google is working on a new YouTube app to be on the App Store.

ios 6 beta youtube app removed

So, it is clear that things are as they were between the two tech. giants and now we know that there won’t be any native YouTube app on Apple’s further iOS updates since the licence for YouTube app has expired. We haven’t really heard anything from Google regarding this official YouTube app for iOS they are developing, but we can expect it anytime before Apple officially releases its iOS 6 for general public.


On the other hand, people using iOS 6 beta 4 are not really happy with the total removal of YouTube app from iOS 6. But, this also gives Google an opportunity to unveil a much better and advanced YouTube app for iOS unlike the bland and not so attractive YouTube app which was earlier present on the iOS.

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