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by admin on July 1, 2012

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To start with, let me clear world’s biggest image-SEO related doubt. No, web-crawlers can not read the text on images. They are not intelligent or smart enough yet, do identify text in various fonts on images, though the technology is being developed and tested at present. A lot of bloggers have been running into similar misconceptions, and often miss out on image-related SEO. Okay, for a clearer view, let us take an example. You perform a search on Google Images, and end up on landing on some random web-page. This means that the web-page owner had optimized the images enough, for them to rank good in Google’s Image search and that is probably why you landed up there. It’s a fact, that if you optimize your images in a nice obedient way, you can receive tremendous traffic to your blog, just from Google Images. SEO is a life changer, trust me, and here are some Image-related SEO which you can follow for a better ranking in Google Images, and other Image-oriented search engines.


image related seo


The search engine crawlers take into account the text associated with any image, rather than looking into the images for textual content. For a better SEO related to images, you can add keywords in the ALT text column of your websites, wrap your images around text since web-crawlers take into consideration the text wrapped along an image. The ALT text gives the crawlers an overview of what that image is all about.

Make sure you have the same keywords in page title, URL, heading tags, anchor tags as well.


This is another image-related SEO tip. You can create a new folder altogether, which will be accessible implicitly to the search engines. That means, go are indirectly providing a path for the crawlers to extract images from your blog or website. In the last one year, I have seen many webmasters giving one particular suggestion of uploading the same images again and again with time to maintain freshness. Some time back Google introduced an algorithm change known as Freshness Update which altered ~3% of image and web search results. Re-uploading your images can be a good idea in such scenarios.


Search engines including Google now focus much more than ever on your image size. Indirectly, your image size is related to your page loading speed, and after Google’s recent Panda updates, it is quite clear that Google does consider page loading speed as one of its ranking factors. If you are using WordPress, you can use plugin from Yahoo! to reduce your image size.


Now you know that web-crawlers consider ALT text, text wrapped around image etc. to identify and rank images. Thus, you should have minority of images, and majority of quality content on a particular web-page. Try to maintain a fixed image-to-content ratio and follow it religiously on all your web-pages.


These were some image-related SEO tips which you can follow for better rankings in Image search engine. Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed.


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