How to know that the property you are looking for is the one for you.

by admin on August 18, 2015

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In India there is an emotional attachment to the property we buy and live in. Property for us is not just a place to stay but it is a form of identity for us. There is a deep emotional connection to the place we live. In such cases, one can’t just about anything. It has to fit a lot of parameters as well as feel like home. Nowadays properties are developing everywhere. Not just towns and cities but also small villages are developing and the demand and cost for land is increasing. Take for example Real Estate Mysore which for the many years was only known as a tourist destination. But now with the developing of IT parks, this place too is evolving from its touristy tag. So where ever you go in India, there has been steady development and urbanization.  So how does one know that the property they are looking at is the one for them? Let’s read more to find out.

You keep comparing all the houses you see to this one- May be this was the first property you saw. And after that you kept your hunt on, and were looking at many other properties. But do you always end up comparing the new property to this one?  Even though you saw this house first and felt the need to look at other properties, this first house could be just the one for you.

Memories- You might have lived in a lot of houses before, and this reminds you of those houses. May be this house has a small feature you like which wasn’t even important enough to feature in your check list, but this feature makes you nostalgic. It could be a little tree that can be seen from your window, or the ladder that takes you to a tiny secret room. So houses have a charm and evoke a sense of nostalgia. If this house keeps reminding you of your previous homes, then there is a good chance that this could be the one.

You can imagine living here- One of the main things to remember while house hunting is that, ‘Can you imagine yourself living here happily?’. This crucial question needs to be answered. Can you in your mind, imagine your furniture and other belongings in this house? If you can this could be the one, if not its best to move on.

You like the bones- No house can be built one hundred per cent up to your satisfaction. But do you like the structure of the house? It can be very difficult if not impossible to change the position of doors and windows of your house. If you are not happy with the basic structure, there is no point considering the house. Things like wall colors, glass material, floorings, carpets etc can be changed easily to customize to your likes. So if you like the overall structure of the house and you can imagine redoing the basics to suit your likes, this could be the one.

You look for positive reviews of the house- When asking people for opinion and advice on the house, do you keep searching for the good points and do you find yourself wanting to hear positive reviews about the house?  What we expect others to say can give us a good idea of what we really want. If you find yourself convincing others about the positive of the house, may be subconsciously you feel this is the right one for you. In that case, listen to your gut.

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