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by admin on June 13, 2012

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We are in love with the new iOS 6 unveiled by Apple in its recent WWDC 2012 event. While Apple is proclaiming its new operating system as worlds smartest operating system, we thought of actually digging into the iOS 6, for some features which are not being talked about across the internet. By now everybody knows iOS 6 brings Siri support for new iPad, 3D Maps and FlyOver, Do Not Disturb functionality and much more. For more information on any of these features, you can go through our iOS 6- Complete Roundup article. Recently we made a comparison test of some of those features between Apple’s infamous iDevices which include iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and the new iPad.

Here are some other features of the iOS 6 which we certainly missed at first. The iOS 6 is a package full of innovations and we are eagerly waiting for its full and final version to release, which might take some time to appear!

ios 6-out-and-smashing


  • Remember Marimba , the infamous iPhone wake-up tune? Well, you don’t just have to rely on that old tune to get yourself out of bed anymore. Now you can customize your wake-up tune directly from within the Clock app on iPhone. Though there has always been a jailbreak tweak for this function, we are happy the way Apple is broadening the wall between user-experience and its iOS.


  • Share photographs, a better way! With Facebook integration coming to the iOS 6, you also get to use a better user-friendly sharing menu. Now after you click a photograph and choose to share it, you do not see a old-fashioned menu bar. The menu has become more smarter and more interactive at the same time. Check below:


  • Apple has certainly focused on giving its users a bit of more privacy control. With iOS 6, you get to see all apps which try to access your private information like location, photos, contacts etc. at one single place. You can toggle them off or on respectively!


  • A smarter vocab adder. With iOS 6 you can add words which you frequently use into the iDevice memory. Your device will stop correcting that word for you when you use it a lot many times! For instance, if you use the word gadgec on your iDevice quite a number of times, your device will store it on cloud for you and stop correcting the word in future!


  • There is a whole new Music app skin, more interactive than ever.The music app adapts a skin more like OS X this time. There have been mixed reviews about the same though!


  • A new set of Emoji. Yes you got it right. iOS 6 brings an all new set of Emoji , with brilliant artistry and detailing in this one. We still love the iOS 5 set of Emoji, Don’t we?


  • Freshness App display! Now this is something really cool. The apps which are new on your iDevice contain a blue-ribbon on top of them, to represent freshness!


  • Lastly, there’s a dedicated clock app for the iPad now. Finally you will be able to see a Clock app on your iPad 2 and new iPad.

clock for ipad


Impressed? We are definitely impressed with these features and waiting for the complete version of iOS 6 to be launched. For the time being, keep subscribed! :)

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