Google’s Own Sound Search In Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

by admin on July 1, 2012

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Now since we have finally got our hands on an Android JellyBean preview, we are digging and going deep into the mobile operating system overflowing with sheer awesomeness. Recently I published an article, where I demonstrated Android 4.1 Jelly Bean’s Liveness Check feature, and now we are presenting another amazing Jelly Bean utility, which performs functions similar to that of Shazam app, and finds a song for you by simply listening to it.


google ears jellybean

The all new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean comes with a feature, rather widget, which let’s you find details of the song you are listening to. This is a lot similar to Shazam or SoundHound, the only difference being that this app redirects you to the song in Google Play, so you can directly purchase it as well.

This is an inbuilt widget in Jelly Bean which goes by the name Sound Search which is activated when you hit the button which says “Which is this song?” [Screenshot below].


Also known as Google Ears, this is a productive and handy utility from Google, and you are definitely going to love it when Jelly Bean comes out for your Android device.  Until then, you might like to check out the video below which demonstrates its use:


We are expecting a solo app for this from Google in the native Play Store soon. It’s definitely a +1 from our side. Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed!

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