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by admin on June 28, 2012

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We know how much we love Facebook. No doubt it is the current day social networking leader and with advancements being made to it each day, it will continue to hold this status for a longer time, before something out of the box comes ahead, and blows our mind away! Well, there is still a long way to it, since we have seen social networks coming up, rising and then falling. None could match Facebook when it comes to number of active users. Last year we saw an appreciable attempt from the search engine giant- Google when it introduces its social networking site- Google+. Now doubt Google+ contains some features which were never seen before, and are cool to use like Hangout etc, still the ease of Facebook appears to be missing. With over 250 million active users on Google+, it is surely making its way towards the top, but will it actually rise above Facebook in the social network war?


Okay, we will not talk about who copied who here, since this article describes something bigger, something better from Google+, which has so far made me fall in love with Google+. I am talking about Google+ Events. No, it is not something similar to Facebook Events, however the concept obviously remains the same.


Google recently introduced Events to its social networking site- Google+. The feature is not some ordinary calender type functionality here. It is something more exciting, more interactive than the native Facebook events. With some out of the box functions like Party Mode, Google+ automatically gathers and brings together all the photographs of the party clicked by the attendees or guests. The Calender Themes on the other hand are really beautiful, and interactive at the same time. Party Mode is something we need to look up to. It automatically updates you with new photographs as soon as guests activate Party Mode.

Also, Google has introduced live slideshow feature, so that photographs can be projected live in a party or event directly. When the event comes to an end, you have all the photographs at one place, and you can apply filters on them like sort them by popularity, specific tags, or even by the photographer.


The native app for Google+ is available on devices having Android 3.0+ and it can be downloaded for other Operating Systems as well from their respective App Stores. Though, a dedicated Google+ app for iPad can be seen coming really soon.

Could this be a step towards Google+ success? Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed!

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