Google Panda Data Refresh Update Rolled Out On November 5 ‘2012 [Confirmed]

by admin on November 7, 2012

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It’s kind of good that Google has become really transparent in letting us know all about its current algorithm update, of course using its official Twitter account. It’s been a long range of algorithm updates, specially Google Panda updates released over an year or so, and for the facts, Google just released Panda Data refresh update on November 5 ‘2012. So, did you feel a shake in SERP’s yesterday? We did, and apparently have lost a bit of traffic on specific articles ranking on the top of Google search earlier. Well, we are not actually worried about these updates since it’s a never ending process. Here’s more, right after the jump below.


google panda update november 5 '2012

Google Panda Data Refresh Update On November 5 ‘2012 [Confirmed]

The update which is not actually a real Panda update, it’s more of a data refresh algorithm update is said to have impacted 1.1% of the English queries worldwide. Here’s the official announcement of the same by Google on its Twitter account which you can follow to keep yourself updated about recent algorithm updates.


In case you are one of those impacted by the 21st Google Panda update (Yeah, 21 updates now!) , there’s one sharp and highly accurate rule. Get rid of the low quality content on your blog or website. Either update the content and make it worthy, or remove them completely using Google Webmaster Tools. Apparently, all Google updates tend to target low quality content producing websites, and the solution to all updates is same. For a quick guide, you can refer to our Google Panda/Penguin Update recovery guide here. In the end, somebody’s loss is somebody else’s gain. The web is now running on rules like these, and for sure webmasters have accepted the existence of Panda and Penguin named creatures among them.


So what do you see on your blog? Traffic up or down? Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed!

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