Google Pakistan Hacked And Defaced By Eboz – November 24 ‘2012 [Update]

by admin on November 24, 2012

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So the morning brought to us a surprise, well not so pleasant but true. As soon as natives of Pakistan tried to access which also happens to be the Pakistani portal for Google, they encountered a totally defaced website. It was shocking when discovered that Google Pakistan had been hacked by a hackers group using a name – Eboz. For a website as powerful as Google, the incident points direct fingers on the company tampering its highly reputed security. Here’s more right after the jump.

UPDATEDowned! By Eboz – Major Pakistani Websites Hacked By Turkish Hacker


google-pakistan-website-hacked Hacked And Defaced By Eboz

Apparently, no one has taken the responsibility of hacking as of now, but a message written in Turkish language indicates the presence of Turkish hacker group that goes by the name of Eboz.  There has been no motive or message left over the defaced website which usually is not the case as hackers love to leave their message on the websites they hack.

Over the last 1-2 years, we have seen many other big websites getting hacked, and their secure information getting leaked in several ways, like the case in Sony Music which got hacked last year.  A text displaying “Downed Pakistan” can be observed on the defaced website, which is probably the sign for victory.

Google has apparently taken down for a while, so if you try to visit Google Pakistan, you will witness a 404-not found web-page.  Here’s what we could see on’s official landing page few hours ago:


For sure there would be a mess at the Mountain View office of Google at the moment, and of course fingers would be pointed. Let us know your views on this via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed!

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