Google Nexus 7 Takes Apple iPad 3 On Repairability [VIDEO]

by admin on July 5, 2012

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The Nexus 7 tablet from Google might be the one catching the eye of technology enthusiasts all over the world,  may be because of its specifications, looks and capabilities. However, did you know that Nexus 7 has also been crowned as the easily-repairable tablet? Nexus 7 is built on components assembled using standard tool, whereas iPad 3 contains parts glued together. This means, an easy automated assembler machine can repair a Nexus 7 tablet by using standard plastic tools. iPad 3 on the other hand requires special type of tools, and a good no. of screws to dissect.



The conclusion is based on work from iFixit, which gave the Nexus 7, seven out of ten points, giving Amazon Kindle Fire eight out of ten, and a mere two for the new iPad. Here is an excerpt from our friends at iDB:

Unfortunately, the LCD assembly doesn’t separate from the Corning display glass, making the cost of repairing shattered glass high because one will need to replace the whole display assembly, LCD included.

As for the battery inside the Nexus 7 (also quite trivial to replace), it’s a 4326 mAh, 16 Wh package that can last 9:49 hours.

However, talking about the battery, iPad 3 has a reliable 11,500 mAh battery, and also supports connectivity options like 3G data network. Please note that Nexus 7 on the other hand lacks 3G/4G connectivity options, thus making its battery last longer. The teardown can be witnessed in the following video from iFixit:


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