Google’s Own 34-Button Calculator Goes Live In Search Results

by admin on July 25, 2012

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We love Google for the changes it keeps bringing about in its search engine. This includes the famous and creative doodles by Google on special events and days. Though Google has been a bit notorious in the recent years by introducing deadly algorithm updates, better known as Google Panda and Penguin updates to its search engine, we still like them for making things much easier for us. Google is growing into a more mature and smart engine day by day, and we can very conclude this when we came across Google’s 34-button calculator, which went live in search results today!




Some of you might be thinking that Google already had its own calculator. Yes, Google did have a calculator, but today they have upgraded the existing calculator and have given it a more professional approach with full-width 34-button utility calculator. Earlier, when you used to enter arithmetic operations in the address bar of Google Chrome, or even in Google’s Search box, a simple result used to pop-up giving you the correct answer to simple sum or difference problems.

Now, when you write a problem in Google’s Search box, for instance 28+2+1992 , the result displays a full-width 34-button calculator. You can see one in the screenshot below:



The calculator seems to be much user friendly, and has unlimited applications in the practical world. It’s is one major step Google has taken towards making its search engine more efficient. This more efficient version of Calculator also includes Trigonometric operations, Logarithmic calculations, including Pi or Euler’s number. Quite impressive, eh?


It’s Google’s step ahead to become a general tool for users worldwide. We are loving it totally. Let us know your views via the comments section below! For more, keep subscribed.

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