Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs Apple iPhone 4S – *CONCRETE TEST* [Video]

by admin on June 5, 2012

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So Samsung Galaxy S3 recently outdated Apple’s iPhone 4S to become the most loved/wanted smartphone in the UK. We have reached a generation where we compare two or more devices using logic, the logic of concrete to be precise. Something similar happened at the Andoid Authority headquarters last morning. The two most wanted, totally amazing smartphones, Samsung’s all new Galaxy S3 and Apple’s iPhone 4S were dropped from a height, to check the phones stability and durability. Why they did so? The answer is simple, i.e, in our everyday schedule, at times we accidentally drop our devices from a height. This test tells us exactly how durable a smartphone is, when it is dropped from a certain height. Destroying two best smartphones can be a pain in the heart, but the test results are simply awesome!


galaxy s3-vs-iphone-4s-drop-test

I know you are not going to actually try this test at home, but for the sake of duties and words – Please don’t try this at home! The damage caused to the phone totally depends on how it falls, and our friends at Android Authority have tried their best to test the device on concrete in all possible situations!

Make your decision wisely- Durable smartphone that comes out better in shape or the phone which feels superior design wise but gets destroyed in concrete test.


iPhone 4S Vs Galaxy S3- Drop Test

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