Galaxy Note 2 Vs Galaxy S3- Quadrant,GPU,CPU,2D,3D,Read/Write Tests

by admin on August 30, 2012

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So the 5.5-incher is finally out, and guess what! The hardware actually rules out other competitors along with Samsung’s own amazing Galaxy S3 smartphone. Seems like the whole web is currently talking about Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2, and like others, we are currently in love with the amazing technology as well. Let’s forget about the whole Apple Vs Samsung battle at the moment, and talk particularly about Samsung’s two most powerful smartphones at the moment, Galaxy Note 2, and Galaxy S3. Our friends from various sources performed a number of tests including Quadrant Test, GPU Test, and CPU Test on both the devices, and here are our findings, right after the jump below!


galaxy note 2 vs galaxy s3

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Vs Samsung Galaxy S3

# Quadrant Test

galaxy s3 vs galaxy note 2 quadrant

We generally take Quadrant test into account, while comparing two smartphones or mobile operating systems, however no two tests on same device at different instance of time have been consistent, so we won’t take this one seriously. However, going by the numbers alone, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 scores fairly good with 6,043 points in comparison with Samsung Galaxy S3 scoring somewhere between 5200 and 5500. FYI, higher the score, better the device!

# CPU,2D,3D Performance Test

galaxy s3 vs galaxy note 2 test

Well, a new kind of complex test has been performed on both the devices. Known as AnTuTu test, it takes into consideration the CPU, GPU, 2D, and 3D performance of the smartphone. This is not all, AnTuTu test also ranks a device according to their reading/writing speeds. Galaxy Note 2 scored a good 13,500 points which was better than the Galaxy S3, however we don’t have an actual pic displaying the same.


# Nenamark 2

galaxy note 2 nenamark test

This test particularly takes into consideration the GPU performance of a smartphone. One advantage of this test over Quadrant test is that Nenamark 2 test can not be manipulated like Quadrant test. We encountered Samsung Galaxy Note 2 scoring a good 55.8 fps, however Galaxy S3 took the spotlight with 59 fps (frames-per-second). No doubt that the Galaxy Note 2 has a better CPU , but it lags behind Galaxy S3 when comparing the GPU performance.

We are eagerly waiting to get our hands on the Galaxy Note 2 smartphone. Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed!

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