Free BlackBerry To BlackBerry Calling With BBM V7.0

by admin on November 25, 2012

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Surprisingly, most smartphone companies have been focusing on including native social media applications in their products lately. Apple got iMessage and went a step ahead with FaceTime. Samsung has Chat-On, BlackBerry has BBM and so on. Well, most of these services are limited to instant text messaging, but seems like BlackBerry is all set to introduce something which is going to make the BBM experience much more cooler. BBM Voice, as the name suggests is a free BlackBerry to BlackBerry calling service which comes handy with the latest BBM v7.0, and here’s more about the service right after the jump!



Free BlackBerry To BlackBerry Calling With BBM V7.0

BBM Voice is a service which lets you make free voice calls over a wireless network, preferably a Wi-Fi connection, however we are not really sure if it works on cellular data connection as well. BBM Voice is included in the v7.0 of BBM released officially by BlackBerry. The good thing about this service is that you can simultaneously use BlackBerry services like the instant-messenger and BBM Voice flawlessly!

Of course for this feature to work, both the clients should have the latest version of BBM, i.e BBM v7.0 and once the other person is available for voice calls, you will see an indicator in front of their names. Further, BlackBerry has also introduced another good feature, i.e integration of User ID with BlackBerry ID which will help users make a backup of their important stuff easily. There’s no news if the BBM v7.0 will be included with the BB OS 10.0, however you can visit the official BBM web-page here for more information.

This is one big step BlackBerry has taken to bring it at par with iOS and Android.  People already love the BBM, and BBM Voice can altogether be a game changer. Now, you no longer need to depend on third party applications to make voice calls, as BBM Voice brings it all with BBM v7.0


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