Find And Call Trojan Discovered In Apple’s App Store [Malware]

by admin on July 6, 2012

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One reason why we considered iOS to be the most secure and safe operating system for mobile was, that it was the only mobile operating system which has never had a record of malware lifts in its App Store, thus keeping your iDevice on a very safe, and malware-free level. All is well until you jailbreak your iDevice, since jailbreaking also opens your device to third-party threats and malware infections. Recently, Apple’s App Store which has never seen security threats before was alarmed by an announcement made by Russian Security Firm, stating that they had discovered a malware, a possible trojan in Apple’s App Store.


find_and_call trojan

The app which goes by the name Find And Call was recently discovered by the Russian security firm. Kaspersky Lab confirmed by stating:

“Yesterday we were contacted by our partner MegaFon, one of the major mobile carriers in Russia. They notified us about a suspicious application, which was found in both the Apple App Store and Google Play. At first glance, this seemed to be an SMS worm spread via sending short messages to all contacts stored in the phone book with the URL to itself.

However, our analysis of the iOS and Android versions of the same application showed that it’s not an SMS worm but a Trojan that uploads a user’s phonebook to remote server. The ‘replication’ part is done by the server – SMS spam messages with the URL to the application are being sent from the remote server to all the contacts in the user’s address book.”

However, the app has now been taken back by Apple. This is not the first time an app has been able to bypass App Store’s sensors. Last month we saw Activator and Cydia app in app store, which were of course fake. We have always been praising Apple for the high security level and standards it maintains for its App Store applications, however the current day trend has not been good for the records. Few hours after taking back the app, Apple’s spokesman confirmed:


“The Find & Call app has been removed from the App Store due to its unauthorized use of users’ Address Book data, a violation of App Store guidelines.”

We are disappointed with such incidents in Apple App Store. Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed.

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