How To Continue Blogging When The World Brings You Down

by admin on August 20, 2012

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Frustration and failures. You would be familiar with these two F-words if you are a blogger, webmaster or content writer. There’s a saying that you cannot kiss success unless you haven’t tasted failure. True to the meaning, the world will always try to bring you down using the ladders of criticism, and it is then when most of us tend to give up. If you are reading this article, either you are at the verge or giving up something you have loved more than anything, or either you are a regular reader of Gadgec, the possibilities of which aren’t really good. :P

To start with, ask yourself a simple question, why did you opt in for blogging? Do you know something which others might be interested in knowing? Or are you a super-adventurous person sharing your rigid experiences? That’s not why you choose blogging as a profession. The answer is simple. Blogging means easy money, but only when you are able to rise above all the criticism the world throws on you. Failure comes to every blogger, and statistics reveal that among the people who go in for blogging, 73% of them call a quit in no time, just because they were not able to make money from their blogs. It’s right to discontinue something which isn’t giving you any return, but wait a minute, does this rule hold true when you are talking about something you loved to do? Or something you have always wanted to do, despite of the fact that you won’t be supported in most cases by your family, specially parents? Trust me guys, it’s worth taking a chance. Are you depressed? Or taken down by criticism? Here’s an energy boost from us, and we hope that we give you at least one single reason to stand up against the odds.



# Blog Because You Devoted Your Time And Creativity 

Let us take you back in time. It’s the time when you just purchased a web-hosting plan for your going-to-be-launched blog. You start to design it, add all the flowers to it, and make it look as appealing as you can. You spend hours on it, waiting in a hope that one day you will have a wide reader-base for your blog, and money would no longer be a problem. After so much effort, do you think it’s the right time to give up? Isn’t it too early for giving up? It was your only dream to see your blog successful, after all. It takes time for trees to grow, and money to flow.

# Blog Because You Need To Prove Yourself To The World

One of the reasons why you chose blogging over other professions was because you were good at it. When you are good at something, the final results have to be good as well. It’s the interim time period that troubles us the most. Success is not achieved in a fortnight, a month or weeks. It’s a gradual process based on failures. Rise and shine to prove your worth to the world. Once you are successful, things are going to change, and if not, you always know that you tried with efforts. :)

# Be Original, And Follow Your Heart

The inspiration to continue is psychological. To finally achieve success in the field of blogging, you need to be original, think different and follow your heart at any cost. The day people start to talk behind your back is the day you are moving towards progress. Don’t take criticism, as well as appreciation seriously. Both when taken in excess can destroy you. Never copy other bloggers work, you would simply be digging a hole for yourself.

# Blog Because The World Needs A Name

Finally, who knows that someday you might achieve everything you had ever wanted in life. The world needs a name, a name to look up to. There are a lot of them at present, but they won’t be up there forever. Somebody needs to replace them, and you can be one of them. Keep faith yourself and the one you believe in.


In the end, just keep in mind that we all need a little push, to keep things going. This might be the right one for you. If you liked it, please share it with your friends and enlighten them. Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed. Rise, and shine.

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