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by admin on August 9, 2012

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Now this is seriously one of the most interesting apps hitting the Apple’s app store recently. Burner is a cool app for iPhone that lets you generate fake phone numbers on your iPhone, or call them disposable phone numbers. One thing good about this is that you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone to use this app, since it is a legitimate app in Apple’s own App Store, so you don’t really need to mess with any third party application to install it. Personally speaking, I have always wanted to have a fake phone number generator for iPhone since it is like giving out a fake random phone number to people, the only difference being that you can actually be reached out at that number. Sounds interesting, eh? Here’s more, right after the jump.


Fake phone number generator iPhone

Create Fake Phone Numbers On iPhone:

Burner claims to add a privacy layer on your iPhone, by creating an alias phone number for your phone where you can actually be reached out. This is an interesting app and you can use it if you don’t really wish to forward your original phone number to anyone. There are situations like filling out a form, online registration, a salesman or your relatives where you are asked to enter your phone number but you don’t wish to give it out, that is when Burner comes into action. Download Burner app from the link below.

[Download Burner For iPhone]

The app works on simple purchase and use function. You can purchase phone numbers from Burner service, use them and then burn the number when you are done with them. However, if you are apprehensive about this app for iPhone, you even get enough credits at first to try this app out before you make any purchases. You can buy additional fake phone numbers whenever you wish to, and burn out the previous ones subsequently.


A block of 25 credits which comes with 8 Mini Burners would cost you around $11.99. Each Mini Burner provides you with 7-days of activity or 20 minutes of voice call, or 60 text messages. This is one cool app for iPhone we have come across, since when you burn the number, you leave no personal traces. There are additional offers and services available as well, and you can choose the one you want within seconds.

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