Why FaceTime Over Cellular Network Is Not A Good Idea!

by admin on June 20, 2012

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Apple delighted its iDevice fans by announcing FaceTime capabilities over your Cellular Network in its recent media event, WWDC 2012. This is actually a good news, since FaceTime over cellular network is a long awaited feature and finally it is going to be here with the iOS 6. The idea, first came into existence in 2010, when Steve Jobs announced the Apple-to-Apple video calling service in summers and also promised that it will be available on cellular networks until the year-end. Seems like the promise got delayed due to obvious reasons, and here is why FaceTime over cellular network is not really a good idea, even in 2012!


The media event WWDC 2012 shows a toggle switch for FaceTime over cellular network. That is everything about FaceTime over cellular network , coming from the event. Surprisingly, the Apple-listed carriers are not really sure as of now, and remain quiet about having FaceTime over cellular network as if they are waiting for Apple to cut the deals for them.

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Okay, let us now take you back to 2010 when Steve Jobs announced FaceTime feature in summers and promised it over cellular network in the same year-end. Most of the iPhone 4 users are on unlimited data plans from official carriers, this is the reason why only iPhone 4S and iPad 3 will be supporting FaceTime over cellular network. To us, this doesn’t appear to be a technical glinche or sensible reason to avoid FaceTime on cellular for iPhone 4.

On the other hand, studies have revealed that an average FaceTime call over WiFi consumes around 1.5-7.5 Megabytes per minute. That is something huge when it comes to cellular network. This means, within 5-6 hours of a FaceTime calls, the iDevices would have consumed GigaBytes of data, thus the unlimited data plan devices are not included in the deal, sigh!

Our friends from various carriers also reveal something similar:

“FaceTime’s ability to enable more data consumption is part of the reason why the application wasn’t initially allowed on cellular networks”.

Thus we can expect a perfect combination only when the next iPhone arrives, backed with 4G data network and FaceTime support since the current day devices would absorb huge blocks of cellular bandwidth, and pushing you towards the edge of monthly data allowances. Also, it is almost clear that FaceTime over cellular would be restricted to specific countries only, this means they are ready to cut out deals with specific carriers only!


So, we are not really getting much of FaceTime over cellular anytime soon, and certainly I am not much happy with Apple’s decision. What do you think about FaceTime over cellular? Leave your views in the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed to Gadgec!

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