Poke App By Facebook Lets You Send Short-Life Messages

by admin on December 22, 2012

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The social media giant is now not all about a wall, a timeline, some pictures and posts. Facebook has no doubt extended its services beyond imagination in the last few years, not to forget the makeover it brought with the Timeline-like profiles, and now Facebook released a Poke app for iOS users which lets you send messages, pokes, photographs or videos to your friends. The catch is that these messages have a lifetime of few seconds, after which they will automatically expire. Here’s more, right after the jump below!



The Poke app released by Facebook, or call it the new ‘sexting’ app has become a huge hit with iOS users in just 24-hours of its release, well, thanks to the functionality it provides which makes it quite interesting to use. The app gives head on competition to the SnapChat app which had gained immense popularity recently. We caught TechCrunch giving the Poke app some space:

Facebook was convinced it needed an expiring messages app. Snapchat’s iOS and Android apps were gaining serious traction with young users. Over 50 million photos are getting shared on Snapchat each day for a total of 1 billion traded on the service compared to Facebook’s 300 million photos shared a day. Clearly there was something magical about self-destructing media.

The Poke app has been developed in 12 days, as confirmed by some inner Facebook people. Seems like Facebook didn’t really want to wait for SnapChat to become huge enough, and then take-it-over, just the way it bought InstaGram. A need was felt, and here we are, with a glittering new Poke app from Facebook.

The Poke app focuses on letting your friends show or know whatever you are doing at a particular instance of time. Here’s how the Poke app works.

  • Initially you pick up the type of message you want to send. It can be a poke, a text message, a photo or a video clip.
  • Then you select a friend or a group of friends to whom you want to send your message, letting them know exactly what you are doing.
  • Lastly, you can select an expiration time, in seconds, like 1,3,5 or 10 seconds after which your message will automatically expire. You can also add location to your message.
  • Apart from location, you can attach a photo, add text over it by simply writing it over the photo, or even draw a photo and then send it.
  • The recipient will receive a push notification with a small voice tone saying ‘Poke!’. Once you tap on it, the Poke app will open with the message under your name.
  • To view the message, keep a continuous tap on the screen until and unless the timer reduces to ‘0’ at the top right corner. After that, your message will be expired.
  • Now in case the recipient takes a screenshot of the message you sent, you will get an alert with a FLASH icon. Now that’s cool! ;)


The app is only available for mobile-to-mobile interface, i.e if you poke someone using Facebook on your computer, he or she will not receive a notification in the Poke app on their devices. The app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store here. [iTunes Link]

So get your Poke app working, and start poking! Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed!

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