Facebook Introduces Comment Editing History, All Public

by admin on June 27, 2012

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So Mr. Zuckerberg is really busy making some small changes to his social networking giant, yes the Facebook. What brought me to this conclusion? A simple observation which I made few seconds back. The year 2012 has been an year of changes when talking about Facebook. First the much hyped and later criticized Timeline profiles, then minute changes to Facebook pages, and lately the hover effects introduced by Facebook  when you mouse over on a Facebook user link.


Now today, Facebook has introduced an interesting, never seen before feature to its wardrobe, namely comment edit history as Facebook likes to call it. Okay, let us go back in time when Facebook enabled comment editing feature. You published a comment, you felt you made some mistake, you clicked on the small ‘x’ button on top, and edited the comment rather than deleting it. Facebook has taken this feature to a new level now. Now, you get to see all the changes you made to a particular comment, in the form of a log book. That is not all. Everyone who can see that comment can now see the edit history of that particular comment by simply clicking on the Edited link next to Like button on a comment.


Well, I am not really happy to see this change, since it changes the whole meaning of editing a comment. We used to edit a comment when we felt that something was not right. Now when the comment edit history is made public, it changes the whole concept of editing a comment, and is kind of embarrassing at times.


We are not sure if people would be in favor of displaying their comment edit history to public, since it would mean bringing out their mistakes in public. Let us know what you feel about it in the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed!

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