Facebook 5.0- New Facebook App For iPhone And iPad Review

by admin on August 24, 2012

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A big relief can be seen for iOS users, specially iPhone and iPad users as we welcome Facebook’s whole new app, Facebook 5.0 today. The app, now much more faster, and smoother has a whole set of new graphics and interface that will blow away your mind in case you have used the previous Facebook app in the past. Often, Facebook’s previous app for iOS was disliked by many due to its slagging problem, and frequent crashes along. The new app from Facebook which has been unveiled today is a whole new app, written right from the scratch by Facebook engineers. Here’s more, right after the jump!


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The new app has been developed on objective-C platform instead of HTML 5 which powered Facebook’s previous iOS app. This certainly has its plus points when talking about user interaction, as the app is now twice as friendly as it was earlier. We have personally got our hands on the app this morning, and so far, we are in love with this new app. Here’s our review on Facebook 5.0 for iPhone and iPad, released by Facebook today!

Facebook 5.0 – iPhone And iPad App Review


facebook 5.0 app review

Unlike Facebook 4.0, the new Facebook 5.0 offers smooth, easy to navigate functionality to iPhone and iPad users. Users have been complaining of slags while browsing through the news feed on Facebook’s previous iOS app. Seems like Facebook has particularly focused on speeding up its app, and browsing is much more faster and easier. Also, lazy-loading technique can be seen in action, i.e objects keep loading as you reach through them on the page, speeding up the whole process. As mentioned earlier, the app is developed on objective-C platform instead of good old HTML 5.


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This is one major improvement we can see in the new Facebook app for iPhone and iPad. You no longer have to wait for the white circle to load completely for the images to be displayed. Rather, when you click on any image from the news feed or your wall, it gets enlarged right then and there saving a lot of time.


A cool graphic can be observed while liking a particular post on Facebook’s iOS app. When you like some update, a good-to-see thumbs-up icon hovers and settles down on the post. Further, Facebook has chosen a glossy blue color for the items you have liked, i.e, once you like an update, the icon of the like button turns glossy blue.

Commenting on the other hand is now easier and less time consuming. Now you don’t have to wait for images or posts to load completely before you can use the comment box. Once you click on the comment  button, the app slides automatically to the comment box without loading the page or anything. Likes and Comments have been made real-time in Facebook 5.0


Facebook has apparently removed the colors from Status, Photo and Check-in buttons, and has now given it an Android app type look. If you click on the Check-In button, you will now see a live map of your location, powered by Google and nearby locations accordingly. The earlier app did not have this feature, it just used to show us the nearby locations, and had a search bar.


Other than the above mentioned changes, Facebook still does not let you tag your friends via your iPhone or iPad. Also, video playback is a bit faster. Pull to Refresh is now smoother and does not slag. Further, Facebook has integrated chat options, and now you can see proper emoticons within your Facebook app on iOS. Also, no network error has been minified to a small red bar on the top displaying no network message. The notifications are now easier to access and so are messages.


Finally, the app is faster than ever, and this is the major plus point for the day. Other features remain the same, though have been given a glossy look now. If you are an iPhone or iPad user, you can simply update to the new Facebook 5.0 app by navigating to App Store>Updates>Facebook 5.0. If you haven’t used the Facebook app ever, you can directly download it from the iTunes App store here.

We are in love with this new app and it is for sure a +1 from our side. Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed!

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