December 21 ‘2012 End Of Earth News Is Fake [Mayans Calender]

by admin on December 21, 2012

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Alright, so as we can see, social media is already overflowing with status, posts and what not relating to the December 21 ‘2012- End of World news we have been hearing for over  an year now. Well, the day is almost over in India now, i.e 21 December 2012 is almost over here, and trust me, there has been nothing strange to talk about today. It has just been an ordinary day, the one we usually have it here, and we are sure the same is going to happen in other parts of the world, specially United States where people are a bit curious, thanks to the movie 2012 where the world ends on 21/12/2012.


end of world is fake news

21/12/2012- The World Didn’t Come To An End

The world didn’t really come to an end, and as the day ends, the news or belief we had been living with has been washed away. We are living in a generation where news spreads faster than fire, not to blame the social networks for this. There are two kinds of people in the world, first ones are those who believe in Science, and the other ones are those who believe in Magic. Well for us here at Gadgec, Science and Magic actually hold a same definition. Scientists claim that the possibility of Earth coming to an end on December 21 ‘2012 is as valid as the possibility of Earth getting destroyed on any other day.

For sure man has a major part to play in destruction that will lead in future, but for now, here’s the bigger news. The Earth didn’t really come to an end, it has just been a busy ordinary working day for us, and all others. This does not mean that the destruction will never take place. Scientific facts confirm that if we continue to exploit our resources the way we are, we are not really going to leave anything for our future generations. What then? How are they going to survive?


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