How To Enable True Multitasking On Your iPhone Running On iOS 6.x [Jailbreak]

by admin on February 14, 2013

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It all started with the iPhone 3GS, hitting international markets few years back, and that is exactly when Apple introduced the concept of Multitasking in it’s iPhone. While it was a benchmark for Apple to introduce the concept in it’s iPhone 3GS and so on, we have seen the feature changing over the years, and now is what we cannot call True Multitasking. For instance, the operating system selects specific apps to run in the background, while others go to sleep mode for a while. Well, gave it a try, and found a working solution for enabling true multitasking on your iPhone 3GS and so on, running on iOS 6.x. You will require a jailbroken iPhone to follow this tutorial. For iOS versions preceding iOS 6.0, there’s already a jailbreak tool called Backgrounder that performs the same function, however it is not compatible with iOS 6.x. Here’s how to enable Multitasking on your iPhone running on iOS 6.x, so that apps keep running in the background.


Enable True MultiTasking On Your iPhone Running On iOS 6.x

Apple chose to avoid true multitasking, probably to increase battery efficiency, and as a statutory warning, installing this tweak might increase your battery consumption, since it forces background apps to keep running while you are busy doing something else on your iPhone.

InfinityTask is a cool jailbreak tweak, coming from Cydia developer r_plus that lets you run an app continuously in the background, i.e it won’t really go to sleep mode if you switch to another app.  What is does is, that is removes the 10 minute limit on a background task after which the task goes to sleep. Thus, without the limit it continues to reach infinity! It further removes idle sleep mode, and let’s you experience True Multitasking, which is now available on many Samsung phones like Galaxy S3, Note 2 etc. Here’s a pretty cool illustration from the developer:

If you lock the device then after 15s, iOS goes into idle sleep mode for to conserve battery life (super power saving mode). Idle sleep mode stops most hardware and software features including the TCP connection. But many background tasks require network connection; so the jailbreak tweak prevents idle sleep mode for a task while it is running so that it continues to run in the background.

He then goes on to note that iOS also has a restriction of 600 secs for background tasks. InfinityTask unlocks that mechanism as well. You can enable infinite background task at an application level. He recommends to enable it on apps that don’t need a network connection.

Before installing InfinityTask:


After installing InfinityTask:


The illustrations are self explaining, and what we really liked about this tweak is that it lets you select apps, and enable true multitasking specifically for them only. (Why let bogus apps consume up your battery!) We used it to load up web pages in Safari in the background, while we performed some other task. Yes, it does save up the time! Here’s a video explaining InfinityTweak.


You can download InfinityTask from Cydia app store on your iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, and 5 at a price of $1.99 under Big Boss repo. Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed.

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