Easy WP SEO And Yoast SEO Plugin TextStatistics Error [FIXED]

by admin on June 22, 2012

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Now something really serious happened with us recently. On June 12 ‘2012, the developers of Yoast’s SEO plugin released an update to its SEO plugin. Recently I updated my WordPress platform with the latest Yoast SEO plugin and started receiving fatal error and conflicts between PHP files, of both Easy WP SEO plugin and Yoast’s SEO plugin as well. The problem being, you write up an article, add keyword to Easy WP SEO plugin, and hit the publish button and encounter following error:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class TextStatistics in /home/public_html/wp-content/plugins/easywpseo/onpageseo-readability.php on line 35


The next step was obviously to contact the plugin developers and asking them to revise this update, but so far I have not received any update from them, so I took things in my hand and manipulated the code. After a number of failed attempts, finally I have been able to get it right and thought of producing this tutorial for all of you who would be facing similar PHP clash errors.

wordpress easy wp seo error fix

The tutorial is easy to follow. All you need to do is replace 2-of your files in your cPanel with the corrected files produced by me. Easy! Oh yes, before you go ahead, make sure you are already aware of how to access your cPanel using FTP client or directly, and uploading or renaming files. I will help you create backups of your original files, so in case something goes wrong, you can always revert back, though trust me, nothing will go wrong. ;)

Easy WP SEO and Yoast SEO Plugin TextStatistics Fix:

1. Download the .ZIP file here, and extract it to your desktop. You should see two files after extracting the .ZIP file you just downloaded.

2. Navigate to your cPanel directly, or using your favorite FTP client. Go to wp-content>>plugins>>easywpseo and rename the file “onpageseo-admin.php” to “BAKonpageseo-admin.php”.

3. Next, upload the file onpageseo-admin.php from the extracted .ZIP file which you downloaded, to the same directory in your cPanel.

4. Similarly, navigate to wp-content>>plugins>>easywpseo>>templates and rename the file admin-score-metabox.php” to “BAKadmin-score-metabox.php”.

5. Then upload the file admin-score-metabox.php from extracted .ZIP file to the same directory.


That’s it. You can now try writing up up a post, enter keywords in Easy WP SEO, and see the magic! Drop in your valuable feedback in the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed to Gadgec!

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