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by admin on October 6, 2012

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Did you know that you can actually download the videos you upload to YouTube? The restrictions being that you get a MP4 format downloaded video, and secondly you can not download more than 2 of your videos in a particular hour. Considering the fact that these are your own videos uploaded by none other than you, the fact that you cannot download more than 2 videos per hour is absurd.  As long as your video doesn’t include a copyrighted artwork, i.e a music file added via Audio Tool, you could download two of your videos in MP4 format in a given hour. But not for long as Google Takeout makes things much easier for you.


Google takeout

While you could always use third party applications and services to download YouTube videos in your preferred formats any time and from any where, using these applications and services is against YouTube’s terms and conditions. Recently Google’s Data Liberation team updated Google Takeout with much improved and loved features which removes many limitations and restrictions which were imposed earlier. Now you can download your original videos, exactly the same you uploaded with a simple click. Further, there’s no restriction on number of videos you can download now, i.e you get the original videos, no transcoded YouTube videos, but just the one you uploaded. “No transcoding or transformation – you’ll get exactly the same videos that you first uploaded. Your videos in. Your videos out” - explains Google.


The Takeout service expanded by Google on Wednesday is for sure a much required facility for YouTube users. We don’t want YouTube to restrict it again in future with absurd limitations. The complete process is much more simpler now, and all videos can be downloaded in a few clicks here and there. For those who are unaware, Google Takeout is a service from Google which lets users take back their data from Google’s services like Google+, Buzz, YouTube, Picasa, Voice and much more.


We are happy with this change, and it’s a plus one from our side. Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed.

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