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by admin on July 7, 2012

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Now something seriously weird is happening all across the internet, and the impact of this security breach will lead to no internet access condition on Monday, i.e July 9 ‘2012. Wondering what went wrong? Well, a malware that goes by the name DNSChanger is all set to be launched into the Web 2.0 on Monday, thus depriving computers of internet once they get infected by this malware. Now this was a little geeky language and things might not be much clear to you now! Here is all you need to know, after the jump.



DNSChanger is a malware, or call it a Zlob trojan which like other trojan infections, gets into your Windows registery, changes your DNS name servers so that when you open your web-browser to access internet, you will be redirected to a malicious website automatically. Motive behind this trojan infection is to redirect you to an ad-ridden web-page so that when you click somewhere, the culprit earns some bucks from it. For the facts, the hackers group make around $10 Million using this DNSChanger trick.

Had your computer been infected with DNS changer malware you would have seen a red background.  Please note, however, that if your ISP is redirecting DNS traffic for its customers you would have reached this site even though you are infected. For additional information regarding the DNS changer malware, please visit the FBI’s website.

Since doing something like this is not good in the eyes of cyber law, a group of hackers were event caught last year by FBI and GISA. Now, stopping something like internet routing in between means a thousand of computer users without internet access. We surely don’t want you to lose your internet connectivity due to such silly DNSChangers, and hence we have come up with a tool that lets you detect if your computer is prone to such threats. All you need to do is visit, and you will be directed to a tool which will show a green signal if your website is good to go. If it shows a red signal, we recommend you to download a DNSChanger removal tool.

dnschanger lookup


We hope you get a green signal for your PC, and we recommend you to share this article with your friend and known ones to keep internet a safe and malware free place. Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed.

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