Bulk Delete All Facebook Messages At Once In New Facebook Messages Interface

by admin on May 15, 2015

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It’s weekend already, and for most of us, it’s maintenance time. This morning when I logged into my Facebook account, I was charged by a number of spam messages which don’t really deserve a place in my Facebook inbox. While scrolling down the messages tab on Facebook, I even came across my 3-4 year old conversations which I wish to delete. Now I decided to delete all my Facebook messages, and started looking out for the option to delete all Facebook messages at once.  But yeah, I am not the only one looking for that option, since Mr. Zuckerberg has not really come up with an option to delete all Facebook messages at once. 
We took some ours off, and finally came up with a working solution which will help you clear away your Facebook inbox instantly. Earlier, you had to delete your Facebook messages one at a time, individually which is a time consuming process. Follow the tutorial below to delete all Facebook messages at once.


delete facebook messages at once script

Bulk Delete All Facebook Messages At Once In Google Chrome Or Firefox

Just in case you are using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, we have the right tool for you which will help you delete all Facebook messages at once. Follow the tutorial below according to the web-browser you use!

# To delete all Facebook messages at once, simply copy and paste the following line of code in the address field of your web browser. In case you are using Google Chrome, kindly add   javascript: ” keyword (without ” “) in front of the code below since Google Chrome automatically erases ‘javascript:’ keyword. In Mozilla Firefox, you don’t need to add any keyword. Simply paste the following line of code in the address bar, and hit ENTER button.


javascript:var elems = document.getElementsByTagName('div'), i ; for (i in elems) { if (elems[i].className.indexOf('-cx-PRIVATE-wmThreadlistRow__threadRowContent') > -1 || elems[i].className.indexOf('_l4') > -1 || elems[i].className.indexOf('_l2') > -1) { if (typeof elems[i].click != 'undefined') { var lo = i; if (elems[i].className.indexOf('-cx-PRIVATE-wmThreadlistRow__threadRowContent') > -1) { var txt = '-cx-PRIVATE-wmThreadlistRow__threadRowContent' } else if (elems[i].className.indexOf('_l2') > -1) { var txt = '_l2' } else { var txt = '_l4' } break } } } elems[lo].click(); if (typeof document.getElementsByName('yes')[0] != 'undefined') { document.getElementsByName('yes')[0].click() } lol(); while (elems[lo].className.indexOf(txt) > -1) { elems[lo].click(); lol() } alert('DONE! Work by Sidhant Chadha(www.gadgec.com)'); function lol() { var elems = document.getElementsByTagName('a'), i; var a = 0; for (i in elems) { if (elems[i].innerHTML.indexOf('itemLabel fsm') > -1) { a = a + 1; if (elems[i].innerHTML.indexOf('Delete Conversation...') > -1) { var lo1 = i; break } } } elems[lo1].click(); document.getElementsByName('delete_conversation')[0].click() }

Here’s a sample of Facebook Messages box before using this code.

delete all facebook messages at once

After using the code:

delete messages all facebook


This is the only working solution for the new Facebook messages interface. Please note that this piece of code will delete all the messages that have loaded on the screen at that very instance. To delete maximum messages, scroll down to the bottom of the messages page to load maximum messages, and then paste the above code and hit enter button. It’s the best piece of code currently which helps you to delete all Facebook messages at once. Let us know your views via the comments section below. Also, Facebook is brilliant for promoting your products, however, we prefer Kantar media analysis for business promotion. For more, keep subscribed!

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