Cydia App Makes Its Way Through The Apple App Store [FAKE]

by admin on June 16, 2012

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Cydia is the mother and father of jailbreaking. It is the reason why 99% of the iDevice users jailbreak their devices. Well, no, jailbreaking doesn’t actually mean installation of Cydia app on your device. Rather, jailbreaking is a procedure that widens the wall between user interface and Apple’s nativ iOS by letting you access the root files and folders by bypassing the Kernel – OS X of Apple’s mobile operating system, the iOS. Seems confusing? Don’t even bother to remember such stuff , as long as we are there to keep your iDevices on the right track! (Jusy saying. :p )


cydia app fakeRecently the native App Store for iDevices saw a strange app in the directory. An app with which most of you would be familiar if you are one of those who love to jailbreak their iDevices. The app with the name of Cydia and the icon very much similar to the actual jailbreak-Cydia is now available in the app store for your iDevices. Well, it is really not what you are thinking it to be! It is NOT going to help you install third party applications on your iDevice. It’s a simple snake-ladder based game, tricked with a keyword which is quite common with iDevice users. i.e, when you make a search in the app store with the keyword- ‘Cydia’ , you will see this bogus app in the results, which is definitely going to catch your attention at first, but don’t even care to purchase this $0.99 app from the App Store thinking it to be the actual original Cydia app! It’s just a game with the name and icon like the original Cydia app .


The App Store contains the following description for this Cydia app :

Cydia App – Apple App Store:

Cydia funny and popular snake game you may remember from childhood. Its main character – a kind of caterpillar named Cydia. Collect all the apples and pass as many levels as you can.

Pay attention that this application is not related to Cydia Store. If someone has bought this application by mistake please get a refund.

This is not all. Looking at the number of downloads, it is clear that a lot of people are falling for this scam. Looking at this Cydia app, one review is of none other than Saurik itself, which goes something like this:

Saurik’s Review On Cydia App :




Well, we just hope that these kind of apps are either removed from App Store quickly, or they should be renamed. Anyway, don’t waste your time on Cydia app from App Store. It is not going to perform any wonders for you, however if you’re seriously interested in the game, chances of which being are too low, you can download it from the iTunes App Store here. For more, keep subscribed!

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