Chit Chat Is The New Facebook Messaging Client For Desktop [Sponsored]

by admin on September 30, 2012

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Whilst it’s debatable over which of your Facebook profile pictures is your best or as to whether you really should be on Facebook for the fifth time this morning, one thing that isn’t quite so disputed is that instant messaging on your desktop with a “proper” Messenger application is much easier than using your web-browser.


Indeed, you may argue that using your browser for casual Facebook chit chat works for you for the amount you use it – but if you keep finding yourself logging into Facebook chat to see whom is online, or missing messages from your friends because you’re online shopping or reading the news then perhaps you need reminded that there is a better way to utilize Facebook chat.

One of the better options to engage in desktop Facebook Messaging is an application that goes by the name of Chit Chat for Facebook. Basically, Chit Chat for Facebook is a software application a little bit like Windows Live Messenger and AIM that has been developed to provide you an all-round handy Facebook chatting experience.


Those of you that keep up with the latest happenings in the technological world will be aware that Facebook has recently launched their own Messenger client to compete with Chit Chat; you may have taken note that I am promoting Chit Chat for Facebook ahead of Facebook Messenger. There is a reason for that – Chit Chat currently offers a more complete Facebook IM experience than the official client at the time of writing. Put more simply, the official Facebook Messenger lacks features that you’d expect to find in a desktop Messenger client.


Chit Chat for Facebook, as you would expect from a Messenger application offers you the following features:

  • Ability to send and receive Facebook IMs over the Facebook chat network
  • Speech bubbles that make it clear and easy to understand whom has sent you and whom you’ve sent Facebook IMs too
  • A tabbed instant messenger window such that one window shows all of your current messages from friends
  • Short cut keys to show and hide the Facebook chat window
  • Short cut keys that allow you to easily navigate the messenger client without a mouse
  • Buddy images of your friends in the Facebook buddy list

Where Chit Chat really excels is its unique offerings for your Facebook chatting:

  • Set Facebook buddy list to sit on top of desktop.
  • Allow Facebook IM to be above other windows on your desktop.
  • Aggregated notification messages that make it easy to understand which of your friends has logged in or out of Facebook chat.

In short, download a better Facebook desktop messenger. Chit Chat!

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