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by admin on June 24, 2012

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Are you cool enough to know almost everything about Apple? No doubt, Apple is the coolest company I have ever come across in years, and no doubt they are working hard to maintain their reputation in the near future, proof being the uber-cool iOS 6! Rings some bells? I was recently going through my Twitter timeline and came across a URL from a friend which lead me to a wonderful app in the App Store, named iTrivia. The app is like a questionnaire about Apple stuff and knowledge and gives you a score accordingly.


Apple has definitely changed the way we used to see it, as a company with iPods and MacBooks and iMacs, turned into a company introducing the most popular mobile device, the iPhone, and the later iOS devices as well. If you really think you know everything about Apple, well, just hold your thought and try this app for a magnified view! With questions, not so easy, my score was quite low, despite of the fact that I have been keeping a good track on Apple related stuff in the past few years.


The questions are really good, and provides you in-depth knowledge about the Cupertino based giant, like there was one question related to the first Apple logo. Well, I didn’t really know the answer initially, but yes, the app did increase my knowledge.


The app displays your score in the end, along with a banter. At times the banter can be harsh, for me it was “Do you still use dial-up?”, with a really low score.


iTrivia is available in the App Store for $0.99, and it should not hurt your pocket at such price, and a definitely worthy app. You can download iTrivia directly from the App Store here.

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