Best Ways To Get A Good Alexa Ranking Within Days

December 30, 2013
best ways to improve alexa rank

With over a million blogs which are born every day, the competition a new blogger will be facing is immense. Thanks to web statistic marking tools and services like Google’s PageRank and Alexa, we can now categorize web blogs according to their actual worth, both in terms of quality content and general traffic. While the […]

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How To Protect Your WordPress Blog Against Hackers And Spammers

July 9, 2013
protect wordpress blog from hackers

I love WordPress, for the very basic reasons which involve comfort of publishing, managing and securing your blog or work line online. While I have been using WordPress for over 4 years now, I have literally seen the guys at WP updating their platform, and bringing the best to users all over the world. It’s […]

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3 WordPress Practices To Give Your Blog A Professional Look

January 30, 2013
wordpress tips for professional look

This is a guest post by Olga. If you wish to write for Gadgec, kindly navigate to our author guidelines page here. WordPress is more than a blogging platform. With a framework and a theme, it can become a content management system for most any type of site. Because of that, it’s increasingly being implemented […]

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Top 10 WordPress Plugins To Use In 2013

January 18, 2013

If you are here, then one thing is clear. Like us, you don’t believe in the 21 December ‘2012 termination or end of the world crap. Well, for sure it kills the excitement, but there’s still more to explore with each passing day, and here we are exploring the top 10 WordPress plugins you should […]

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HostGator Maximum Discount Coupon For December ‘2012 – GADGECLOVE25

December 8, 2012

I have been using HostGator as my primary web-hosting service for the past 4-5 years. Apart from their excellent customer-support service, I am a huge fan of their service performance which has been optimum since ever. Gadgec, as well is powered by HostGator’s Baby Croc, hosting plan, which I feel is pretty pocket-friendly and feature-packed […]

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November 17 ‘2012- An Uncertain Traffic Fall All Across Gadgec

November 18, 2012
traffic fall november 17 2012

Okay, so something seriously uncertain, or call it un-identified by our engineers is happening all over Gadgec. The day was going absolutely perfect, breaking all previous records and suddenly a stream of traffic fall is observed for few hours on our blog. Mostly these traffic dips are temporary, but surprisingly this fall has been consistent […]

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Google Panda Data Refresh Update Rolled Out On November 5 ‘2012 [Confirmed]

November 7, 2012
google panda update november 5

It’s kind of good that Google has become really transparent in letting us know all about its current algorithm update, of course using its official Twitter account. It’s been a long range of algorithm updates, specially Google Panda updates released over an year or so, and for the facts, Google just released Panda Data refresh […]

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Hold On To Your Roots Webmasters, As Google Rolls Out Panda Refresh

September 18, 2012
google panda refresh new

It all seems to be a never ending phenomenon for a lot of bloggers, ever since Google rolled out the first Panda Update in February 2011 devastating a lot of websites all across the web. “Google’s Panda Update is the worst or the best thing for a website”. This statement is now well accepted by […]

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How To Avoid Getting Hit By The Next Google Penguin Update

August 20, 2012

Matt Cutts says the next Google Penguin update would be revolutionary. Well, we don’t believe him. Is it the first update which is going to devastate blogs? Things have been going up and down ever since Google unveiled its Panda update, back in February 2011. What started with a aim to degrade scrapper sites might […]

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Facebook Recommendation Bar Out For Websites. Get It Now!

July 28, 2012

We love the social network giant for making things easier for us, here at Gadgec. With social media presence now a big factor deciding websites ranking throughout the search engines, Facebook’s recommendations bar is the thing you need to take your blog or websites a step ahead. This is actually not something totally new we […]

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