Get Windows 8 Pro Pack Free For 90-Days Without Purchasing It [Official]

November 16, 2012
windows 8 pro pack free download

We know that Microsoft unveiled its latest Operating System, the Windows 8 last month, but did you know that you can actually download the fully-functional Windows 8 Pro Pack for free, the condition being that you can only use it free of cost for the 90-days, after which you can purchase it at discounted price. […]

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Apple iPhone 5 Vs Nokia Lumia 920 – Detailed Comparison

November 12, 2012
iphone 5 vs lumia 920 comparison

The year 2012 brought to us a number of devices capable of invoking a revolution in the world of technology. Not to forget Apple’s line of iDevices, Microsoft’s Surface tablet and an amazing operating system the Windows 8. Then we have the Nexus 7, Galaxy S3, Note 2 and many other smartphones launched in between […]

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Windows 8 Release Date- October 25 ‘2012, Microsoft Sends Invites

September 18, 2012
windows 8 release date

We are eagerly waiting for the most hyped and smartest desktop/tablet operating system from Microsoft- Windows 8, which is expected to be unveiled at a media event on October 25 ‘2012, in New York. The Windows 8 release date is now evident, and Microsoft has recently sent out press invites for this event which is […]

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Top 5 Amazing Apps For Windows 8 You Must Try

August 11, 2012

Microsoft is all set to unveil its next generation operating system for the PC, Windows 8 on October 26 ‘2012. While it is being claimed as the best OS for computers ever, we have had our hands on all its previous developer and consumer releases. So far, we are in love with it and for […]

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Leaked Microsoft’s Windows 8 RTM Photographs [Exclusive]

July 23, 2012
windows 8 RTM

Unlike Apple, Microsoft hasn’t really been that amazing at keeping their upcoming venture as a secret from general public. In the past we have seen many instances when Microsoft’s products or operating systems photographs start to penetrate across the web, killing the excitement of their public events. We are not going to talk about their […]

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Microsoft Windows 8 Release Date Confirmed – October 26 ‘2012

July 19, 2012
windows 8 october 26 2012

An idea of touch oriented Windows OS, which came into minds long time back can now be seen reaching the reality, with Microsoft’s all new Windows 8 Operating System. While we have already reviewed the OS in the past, and have got our hands on the Consumer and Developer preview as well, we are now […]

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Check Your Computer Against DNSChanger Malware Online

July 7, 2012

Now something seriously weird is happening all across the internet, and the impact of this security breach will lead to no internet access condition on Monday, i.e July 9 ‘2012. Wondering what went wrong? Well, a malware that goes by the name DNSChanger is all set to be launched into the Web 2.0 on Monday, […]

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Boot Directly To Desktop By Skipping Metro Start Screen In Windows 8

July 2, 2012

Microsoft has finally released the release preview of its upcoming Windows 8, which is assumed to be the smartest, interactive operating system in the history of PCs. While we are eagerly waiting for the full and final version of the Windows to hit the market, you can download and install Microsoft’s Windows 8 Release Preview […]

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Windows Phone Tango Update For Nokia Lumia 710 And Lumia 800 Available Now

July 2, 2012
nokia lumia 800 tango os

It started about an year back, when Nokia unveiled its Lumia line of smartphones, specifically Lumia 710, and Lumia 800. With an interface that will blow your mind away, and mesmerizing looks, the device was expected to be the biggest hit of Nokia, since the beginning of time. This was the first Windows OS powered […]

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Microsoft’s Tablet Named “Surface” Unveiled [Roundup]

June 19, 2012
microsoft tablet surface

The week gave us a hint that the developers of world-famous Windows are all set to unveil their own tablet in their media event yesterday. Seems like the rumors and updates coming from a lot of tech blogs came out to be true. Microsoft has recently introduced its first Windows 8 tablet , called Surface. […]

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