Best Facebook Video Downloader To Convert And Download Videos Online

May 14, 2013
facebook video downloader best

We love videos, and at times we wish we could simply download and keep some of those videos on our local storage. Well, we can’t really publish articles on Gadgec telling you how to download YouTube videos, since we have already received a warning from Google when we last published such article. Anyway, people have […]

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Gadgec-This-Week: Download Harlem Shake Original Video 1080p Now

March 2, 2013
harlem shake video download

We haven’t really forgotten the PSY Gangnam Style video which went viral soon after PSY released it, and was one of the most watched video in no time, with the number of viewers count increasing in no time.  Now it’s the time for Harlem Shake, another video which just went viral over YouTube and is […]

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Google Glasses Captured Video With Real-Life Experience

February 21, 2013

The moonshot project, as Larry Page loves to call it might just be the future glasses, shades we wear everyday. While the Google Glasses project was first announced in April 2012, just before the Google I/O event which was demonstrated the on the stage, the developers at Google HQ have taken a step ahead in […]

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Watch Facebook 2013 Event Live Online : Facebook’s Search Engine Coming?

January 15, 2013

So Facebook is all set to conduct its media event which supposedly starts at 10 AM PST today. While there’s no official media platform to watch the event, we have just the right online Facebook 2013 Event streaming live for you.  The event starting in a few minutes has made analysts and technology enthusiasts wonder […]

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WeChat Is Another WhatsApp Like Messenger For SmartPhones

December 14, 2012

Have you been looking for a WhatsApp Messenger alternate recently, and still waiting for the right choice? Well, seems like we have just the right app you needed. WeChat is another instant messaging, file sharing, and apparently video chatting application recently launched which claims to offer a better functionality and user experience as compared to […]

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Top 3 Ways To Download YouTube Videos On Apple iPhone

November 23, 2012

It’s been a while since I published any article on Gadgec, the reason being my university exams and then some other prior projects that needed my attention. Well, coming back to work with full force, I have been receiving emails from our readers asking me ways to download YouTube videos directly on their mobile devices, […]

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Top Streaming Video Downloaders To Download Videos Locally

October 13, 2012
streaming video downloader

I love to watch and stream media online, and videos constitute major part of that media. At times we wish we could actually download and save that online streaming video to our local machines so that we can watch them later, but unfortunately majority of video streaming websites do not provide download links to those […]

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Download Exact Subtitles For Movies In VLC Media Player

October 10, 2012

I love to watch movies, and VLC Media player is one of my favorite media players. At times I require subtitles for various movies, and the whole process involves searching for a subtitle across the web. The process is highly time consuming and often produces inaccurate results, may be due to different video configurations of […]

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Download All Your YouTube Videos Restriction Free With Google Takeout

October 6, 2012
Google takeout

Did you know that you can actually download the videos you upload to YouTube? The restrictions being that you get a MP4 format downloaded video, and secondly you can not download more than 2 of your videos in a particular hour. Considering the fact that these are your own videos uploaded by none other than […]

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How To Add Music To Your iPhone/iPod/iPad Without iTunes [Jailbreak]

October 6, 2012
bridge iphone jailbreak app

The only thing infuriating about Apple products is that the operating system they use is encrypted, which is why you need to use iTunes before you can actually transfer data to and from your iPhone, iPods or iPads. Well, seems like the jailbreak community has finally come up with an alternative, and now you don’t […]

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