How To Link 2 Phone Numbers Over A Single WhatsApp Account

April 10, 2014
How To Link 2 Phone Numbers Over A Single WhatsApp Account

WhatsApp is cross-platform mobile messaging app which enable you to connect with your friends with no extra cost included. It basically allows you to share images and messages without having pay for SMS. Nowadays WhatsApp is available in almost all devices such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Nokia providing exciting features to communicate with your friends […]

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3 Jailbreak Tools For iPhone To Quickly Reply To SMS Messages

October 29, 2013

We love shortcuts and tweaks when it comes to enhancing the efficiency of our favorite gadgets and devices, specially Apple iPhone in this case. At times you are in a hurry, and all you wish for is somehow you can respond to the SMS messages, iMessages or even WhatsApp messages quickly without actually waiting for […]

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How To Increase Default Volume Of Your iPhone Up By 200%

May 29, 2013
 increase default iphone volume

Apple’s iPhone is one of the finest smartphones known to man, thanks to its premium quality hardware, and the name behind it- Apple. While WWDC 2013 is around the corner, we have just been notified by our friends close to Apple that there isn’t going to be an iPhone launch in the WWDC 2013. However, […]

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Top 3 Themes For iPhone Having A Simple Look

May 29, 2013

Do you own an iPhone? Well, I have one for over an year now, and it has definitely succeeded in keeping me happy for so long. However, things change as soon as you jailbreak your iPhone. Suddenly, you fall in love with the Apple product all over again, and this time things are not just […]

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Cydia Substrate For Android 2.3 And Higher Devices- Check!

May 15, 2013

A good news for Android OS enthusiasts as Cydia substrate makes its way to Android platform, after keeping iOS users happy for a couple of years. Apparently, the news has nothing to do with Apple’s devices or iOS or even jailbreak community, this time we are talking about Cydia for Android devices, that’s right! Man behind […]

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How To Freeze WhatsApp Last Seen TimeStamp On Jailbroken iPhones [Tweak]

May 11, 2013

Some time back we published a tutorial explaining how you could actually hide the last seen timestamp on your WhatsApp Messenger. The main purpose of the tutorial was to come up with a way you could actually remove or hide your WhatsApp last seen timestamp from other people using WhatsApp. The topic has seen huge […]

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iOS Theme Of The Week- FlatIcons [2D Theme For iPhone]

April 19, 2013

Ever since I got my hands on Apple’s most revolutionary device , the iPhone, I have been playing around with the jailbreak tweaks, tricks and other stuff. It’s always nice to see your device behave a bit differently from others, and thanks to Cydia, it’s now possible to go beyond Apple’s iOS limitations. As an […]

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How To Enable True Multitasking On Your iPhone Running On iOS 6.x [Jailbreak]

February 14, 2013

It all started with the iPhone 3GS, hitting international markets few years back, and that is exactly when Apple introduced the concept of Multitasking in it’s iPhone. While it was a benchmark for Apple to introduce the concept in it’s iPhone 3GS and so on, we have seen the feature changing over the years, and […]

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How To Remove Software Update Notification In Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

January 10, 2013

The day started with my Apple iPhone asking me to update the iOS version, since iOS 6.1 is now available for general public. Well, I am not really keen on updating my iPhone iOS version, of course for some jailbreak oriented purposes, and in case you are one of those who don’t want to update […]

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Installous Shuts Down – Here’s Alternative To Download Free iPhone Apps

December 31, 2012
Installous alternative installous shut down

So just a day before the New Year eve, we come across the years most disheartening news relating to Apple products, specially Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. In case you are a jailbreak fan, just like us, we are sure you would have jailbroken your iDevice , mostly for the free apps we get […]

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