November 17 ‘2012- An Uncertain Traffic Fall All Across Gadgec

November 18, 2012
traffic fall november 17 2012

Okay, so something seriously uncertain, or call it un-identified by our engineers is happening all over Gadgec. The day was going absolutely perfect, breaking all previous records and suddenly a stream of traffic fall is observed for few hours on our blog. Mostly these traffic dips are temporary, but surprisingly this fall has been consistent […]

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Free Tools To Check Your Blog PageRank, Alexa Rank And Backlinks Online

November 13, 2012
pagerank alexa backlink checker online

The web is becoming more and more competitive with each passing day, and for your blog/website to become successful, you need to maintain high SEO ranks. Search engines like Google focus majorly on Search Engine Optimization of your content to rank your website or blog in its search engine, however kindly note that articles tailored only […]

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Gadgec- Monthly Overview August ‘2012

September 16, 2012

I know I am late this time for publishing our monthly overview for the month of August ‘2012, however I had my own reasons for not showing up. Well, no excuses now, and here I am presenting to you Gadgec- Monthly Overview August ‘2012. So far August ‘2012 has been the best month for us, […]

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Gadgec- Monthly Overview July ‘2012

August 3, 2012

To start with, I would call July ‘2012 an exceptional month, considering our growing reputation all over the web. We completed good 2 months on August 1 ‘2012, and here we are, doing the right thing and taking a step towards transparency, which we ought to follow in order to promote blogging as a profession […]

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Gadgec- Monthly Overview June ‘2012

July 1, 2012
gadgec-overview-june 2012

So we started up and came into existence, grabbing a little of the wide internet space all over the world. On June 4 ‘2012, I published the first post on Gadgec, which was nothing but a welcome note, with a words of respect for our readers, commentators, critics and developers. Not to forget the editorial […]

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