Google Glasses Captured Video With Real-Life Experience

February 21, 2013

The moonshot project, as Larry Page loves to call it might just be the future glasses, shades we wear everyday. While the Google Glasses project was first announced in April 2012, just before the Google I/O event which was demonstrated the on the stage, the developers at Google HQ have taken a step ahead in […]

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iOS 6.0.2 Untethered Jailbreak Confirmed For Release, Says PlanetBeing

January 6, 2013
ios 6.0.2-untethered-jailbreak-confirmed

The first week of 2013 has come to an end, and so far we have had no news regarding the impending iOS 6 untethered jailbreak for Apple iPhone 5 and preceding devices. While it has been quite a long time since we last saw an untethered jailbreak, which was possibly for iOS 5.1.1, we can […]

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Installous Shuts Down – Here’s Alternative To Download Free iPhone Apps

December 31, 2012
Installous alternative installous shut down

So just a day before the New Year eve, we come across the years most disheartening news relating to Apple products, specially Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. In case you are a jailbreak fan, just like us, we are sure you would have jailbroken your iDevice , mostly for the free apps we get […]

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December 21 ‘2012 End Of Earth News Is Fake [Mayans Calender]

December 21, 2012
end of world is fake news

Alright, so as we can see, social media is already overflowing with status, posts and what not relating to the December 21 ‘2012- End of World news we have been hearing for over  an year now. Well, the day is almost over in India now, i.e 21 December 2012 is almost over here, and trust […]

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Google Drops Google Sync Service After Dropping Free Google Apps Support

December 19, 2012

The year 2012 has nearly come to an end, and seems like some of the Google’s services share the same status. Last week we saw that Google dropped the support for free Google Apps edition, and now Google discontinues Google Sync service for the non-paying customers. The Google Sync service which was based on Exchange […]

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Downed! By Eboz – Major Pakistani Websites Hacked By Turkish Hacker

November 24, 2012
major pakistani websites hacked eboz

Few hours back we published an article about getting hacked by Eboz. Well, seems like Eboz the Turkish hacker or hacker group is not confined to hacking Google Pakistan. Eboz has hacked over 284 .PK TLD’s this morning, and some of them are major websites like,, and a lot more. All […]

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Google Pakistan Hacked And Defaced By Eboz – November 24 ‘2012 [Update]

November 24, 2012

So the morning brought to us a surprise, well not so pleasant but true. As soon as natives of Pakistan tried to access which also happens to be the Pakistani portal for Google, they encountered a totally defaced website. It was shocking when discovered that Google Pakistan had been hacked by a hackers group […]

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Jailbreak Apple iPhone 5 Running On iOS 6 – Already Possible [Images]

September 22, 2012
apple iphone 5 jailbreak

It’s just been a day when Apple released its next generation Apple iPhone 5 for public officially, and we already have answers for those asking the same question again and again- How to jailbreak Apple iPhone 5? While jailbreaking a new iPhone has never been so quick, we can see the jailbreak-community already stretching their […]

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Jailbreaking And Unlocking Info Before You Upgrade To iOS 6 Today

September 19, 2012
jailbreak and unlock iOs 6

It’s going to be live, and in action within few hours. Yes, we are talking about the smartest mobile operating system as claimed by the Cupertino based technology giant, Apple. iOS 6 is all set to be unveiled for the general public, i.e if you are an iDevice owner, you will be able to upgrade […]

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Windows 8 Release Date- October 25 ‘2012, Microsoft Sends Invites

September 18, 2012
windows 8 release date

We are eagerly waiting for the most hyped and smartest desktop/tablet operating system from Microsoft- Windows 8, which is expected to be unveiled at a media event on October 25 ‘2012, in New York. The Windows 8 release date is now evident, and Microsoft has recently sent out press invites for this event which is […]

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