Boot Directly To Desktop By Skipping Metro Start Screen In Windows 8

by admin on July 2, 2012

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Microsoft has finally released the release preview of its upcoming Windows 8, which is assumed to be the smartest, interactive operating system in the history of PCs. While we are eagerly waiting for the full and final version of the Windows to hit the market, you can download and install Microsoft’s Windows 8 Release Preview from official Microsoft website. If you have used the consumer preview of Windows 8 earlier, you must be aware of the awesome Metro-type interface the Windows boots up to. Yes, the Metro-Start screen in official terms. The interface looks mesmerizing, though, it may start to irritate you after some times, since you need to click on the Desktop tile to go to the desktop. There is not direct booting to the Desktop, and I have been trying to search for some tool to directly boot to the desktop screen, for quite a long time, and finally I am out with one!



Now, if you want to boot directly to the Desktop in Windows 8, you can download Classic Shell 3.5.1 [Download] , which has a new added feature of skipping to the desktop when Windows 8 boots up. Once downloaded and installed, you just have to navigate to All Programs>Classic Shell>Start Menu and navigate to the General Behavior tab.

The configurations can be seen in the screenshot below.



That’s it! Simply restart your computer and you should see the changes in effect. Classic Shell 3.5.1 is a simple and handy utility and it’s a +1 from our side. Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed.

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