5 Blogging Habits To Follow In 2013

by admin on January 1, 2013

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Before we start with our article, Gadgec wishes all its readers, commentators, authors, and critics as well, a very happy and worthy New Year. It’s 2013, of course we survived the December 21 ‘2012 doomsday, as predicted by the Mayans calender. It’s an year to work hard, and celebrate the success harder. But did you know that success comes right when you follow some discipline, within yourself and within your work-line in an organized manner. Well, like the past year, it’s still our aim to promote blogging as a profession in countries worldwide, with special aim at our native country India, where the talented ones just need a right platform, and we are willing to help you out with it. To start with, here are 5 blogging habits to you should follow in 2013.



5 Blogging Habits To Follow In 2013

  • Think Original, Think Different:

We have had enough of plagiarism artists, second hand thoughts to work with. It’s time when we start to focus towards innovation, individuality and of course uniqueness. For a blogger, it won’t matter much if you publish something which has been published on hundred other websites, it will always be the individual thought process which matters, and then leads you towards success. When you innovate something, you are confident about it, and hence you are the best who can write about it.

  • Do Not Give Up:

In a competitive state like the one we are living in today, it’s common to give up easily and lose out on patience. Try to understand that there has to be a right time for everything. If someone else is doing better than you in the field of blogging, remember that he/she has been through the same phase of disheartening, and demoralizing situations. But what separates them from others is their willingness to go on, and never give up. As it is said, “Enjoy the game, Chase your dreams, Dreams do come true. . .“.

  • Content Over Money

We saw a good number of bloggers selling text links to websites which are not even related to their niche. Such websites just need backlinks to rise and make money. In the return, you are simply jeopardizing your blog reputation in the future. One Google algo update, and it’s all gone. Try to focus on worthy content rather than thinking about making money in the first place. Once you develop a reputation, the money will automatically flow.

  • Start Interacting

When we talk about interacting, we are simply thinking about Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms we are engaged with. They are simply time killers. In 2013, make a resolution to spend lesser time on them, and more time working or doing some productive work like reading, surfing the web and learning more. By interaction we ask you to develop a healthy relationship with your  blog authors, commentators and with the people who mail you regularly. It simply adds life to your blog!

  • Shoot For The Moon, You Will Land Up In The Stars:

This is applicable to almost any business, physical or online and we have been following it so far at Gadgec. Never take rest. The world around you is changing, and the competition will be tougher every day. Give in your efforts, stop killing time, and success will find you from anywhere in the world.


It’s 2013, and it’s a new start for many budding bloggers. Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed!

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