5 Reasons To Go For Sponsored Posts On Facebook

by admin on December 10, 2012

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We don’t really need to mention how powerful Facebook has become, both in terms of business, and personal use. Talking about business, Facebook recently introduced a feature called Sponsor on user accounts as well as Facebook pages. As the name suggests, the feature broadens your posts reach beyond your friend list, of course for some extra bucks. Recently we can see more and more companies going for sponsored posts on Facebook, i.e paying some extra money to increase the reach of your post or article. Well, we thought of giving it a try, and here are 5 ways to get benefited by sponsored posts on Facebook.



Benefits Of Sponsoring Posts On Facebook


The main idea behind sponsored articles on Facebook is to take your post or article beyond the reach of your Facebook account. In layman’s words, sponsoring an post will make it viral instantly, and will be taken to a much more wider audience which could not have been possible by following the normally. Facebook claims to have over 800+ Million active users, which means every business has high chances of being on Facebook.


One good feature of sponsoring posts on Facebook is that you can manually target your audience type on Facebook according to your business. For example, in case you own a garment store for Women, you can choose to display your post to women only. This way you pay for the right audience.


The major plus point of sponsoring articles on Facebook is that at a cheap price, you get to target a much wider audience. Comparing with other ad-serving services like Google AdWords, we found spending a little money for wide audience more beneficial rather than spending huge amount of money for audience which involves non-interested audience, spammers and fraudulent clicks.


Unlike click bombers on Google-served-ads, you can rest assured that your content is being viewed and accessed by real human traffic as only real human traffic will be able to access that sponsored post or article. Bots would not be able to navigate through that post, thus giving you real value for money.


in case branding is your major objective, Facebook lets you target your choice of audience, thus empowering branding. You can sponsor major news or deals which will derive huge amount of traffic for you instantly. For instance, we found IIPM using Facebook’s sponsored articles to publish deals and discounts on next year MBA program admissions for students, and trust me, the post just went viral!


These were some basic yet powerful benefits of going for sponsored articles on Facebook. You can give it a try, and check it out yourself, just the way we did. Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed!

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