How To Avoid Getting Hit By The Next Google Penguin Update

by admin on August 20, 2012

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Matt Cutts says the next Google Penguin update would be revolutionary. Well, we don’t believe him. Is it the first update which is going to devastate blogs? Things have been going up and down ever since Google unveiled its Panda update, back in February 2011. What started with a aim to degrade scrapper sites might have shuffled Google’s search engine completely, but it is still not the best we can have. Google spent whole of 2011-2012 updating and improving its algorithm changes, shuffling search results again and again. The saying that goes like “Only scrapper sites would be degraded by algo changes” does not really fits in with the statistics and facts we have. The recently developed and released Google Penguin update adds to the misery of webmasters and genuine bloggers as well. We are not talking about all blogs, but few of them which were genuine and still were affected by the updates. As per Google, the next Penguin Update is going to be strong, and ground shaking, and here is how you can avoid getting hit by the Penguin updates.



Avoid Getting Penalized By Google Penguin Update

# Maintain Link Ratio

It is common for a blog to have outgoing links to websites which might not be relevant to your blog or may be low quality websites. To neutralize the SEO, try to interlink more and more of your blog content, so as to maintain a ratio between inbound and outgoing links.

# Avoid Paid Links

While paid links are a good way to monetize your blog, there are times when the URL you are linking to leads to a low-quality website or even a URL penalized by Google before. It’s time when you start removing them one by one. If you can’t remove them, change their access to nofollow so that no SEO juice is forwarded to them.

# Avoid Link Farm

The statistics from the blogs which were hit by last Penguin update reveals that Google is concentrating more on blogs having natural links. If you have a lot of URL’s in a particular blog, you leave no reason for Google to not to pick you up.

# Natural Keyword Density

Do not forcefully add keywords in your blog posts just to target the search engine traffic. Keep them natural. While there is no recommended keyword density from Google, a keyword density of 2.5-4% is good to go. Even over optimization is harmful at times. Keep it simple silly! ;)


# Follow Google’s Traces

With time, Google keeps unveiling new features and services for webmasters and bloggers. One of them is Google Authority, and if you haven’t enabled it for your blog, do it right away. Create a blog for branding purpose, and avoid too many advertisements on your blog. Not only will you avoid getting hit by Penguin update, but you will also notice your ranking improving rapidly!

Follow these basic tips in order to avoid getting penalized in the next Google Penguin update. Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed.

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