Apple iCloud Replaces MobileMe Officially, Shuts Down

by admin on August 2, 2012

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For quite a long time now, Apple has been asking it’s users to make a transition, from MobileMe cloud service to their own iCloud backup utility. The time has finally come to an end, and Apple has now successfully terminated the MobileMe Cloud service, shutting down simultaneously. Earlier, you could just move your account from MobileMe to iCloud and download the remaining files to your local storage. The news is not really surprising for us since we have been expecting a shut-down anytime in July, however it came out in August. Today, if you visit MobileMe website, you no longer get the option to make transition from MobileMe to iCloud.


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This is not all. MobileMe users can no longer download their remaining files from the cloud server, rather they are now being redirected to official iCloud website. Well, the MobileMe service was largely seen as a failure in the eyes of many, and its termination marks the end of an embarrassing era for the Cupertino based giant, Apple.

MobileMe has been seen receiving poor reviews from tech. critics all over the world, and one among them was from The Wall Street Journal. Here’s an excerpt about the service from the book Inside Apple:

“In 2008, when Mossberg, along with many other critics, panned MobileMe, an email synchronization service that was supposed to mimc the functionality offered by the popular BlackBerry smartphone, Jobs erupted.

He called a meeting of the MobileMe team and berated them for having disappointed him, themselves, and one another. Worst of all, they had embarrassed Apple publicly. “You’ve tarnished Apple’s reputation,” he told them. “You should hate each other for having let each other down. Walt Mossberg, our friend, is no longer writing good things about us.”


Today, comes to an end. You can no longer access it as you will be redirected to Apple’s official website. Well, everything happens for something better. The end of MobileMe gave birth to iCloud, a popular cloud service from Apple. Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed.

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