Apple iPhone 5 Vs Nokia Lumia 920 – Detailed Comparison

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The year 2012 brought to us a number of devices capable of invoking a revolution in the world of technology. Not to forget Apple’s line of iDevices, Microsoft’s Surface tablet and an amazing operating system the Windows 8. Then we have the Nexus 7, Galaxy S3, Note 2 and many other smartphones launched in between them. It’s festival season already, as the new year approaches, and it’s time to get the best deals around the world, in case you want to dump your old smartphone and buy a new one. Not a technology freak? Don’t worry, we’ll help you out. Here we will be comparing two best smartphones, in one hand we a newly launched Apple iPhone 5 with it’s 4-inch display, and in the other hand we have Nokia’s Lumia 920, which will be launched in the market worldwide in a couple of weeks. Both of the devices are to die for, when it comes to performance and features. Nokia for sure has transformed the term ‘smartphones’ with its line of Lumia devices running on Windows Phone OS. Here’s a detailed comparison between Apple iPhone 5 Vs Nokia Lumia 920.


iphone 5 vs lumia 920 comparison

Apple iPhone 5 Vs Nokia Lumia 920 – Detailed Comparison

Apple’s iPhone 5 was unveiled in mid-September, and the sales charts so far has been astonishing. On the other hand, Nokia is all set to unveil it’s Lumia 920 smartphone which will be available worldwide in the next couple of weeks. Choose wisely!


iphone 5 lumia 920 looks

Many people tend to ignore the looks of a smartphone when it has super-sonic performance. Well, it’s not the case here. Talking about Apple’s iPhone 5, the phone still sports a bar-like design, similar to Apple iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, but with a screen-size slightly bigger than its predecessor. Weighing about 112g with dimensions of 123.8X58.6X7.6 mm, the device is still pocket friendly and comfortable to hold. The back-plate now has a 2-tone color which adds to the charm of iPhone 5. Also, the silver lining in the sides has been replaced by a more granule type finish. Like its predecessors, Apple iPhone 5 is still comfortable to use even with a 4-inch screen size, however the glass plate makes it a little slippery to hold at times. It is available in standard black & slate and white & silver color. There are standard Volume rocker, silent mode,power and home buttons on the Apple iPhone 5.

Coming back to Nokia’s Lumia 920, the device is seriously something for those who love to have devices with vibrant body colors. The device is available in multiple colors including red, cyan, yellow, black and white. With a screen size of 4.5-inch, the device weighs around 185 g, slightly more than Apple’s iPhone 5. Nokia Lumia 920 sports dimensions of 130.3X70.8X10.7 mm with standard camera, volume rocker and sleep button along with standard Windows oriented keys on the front. Overall the device looks good to eyes, and we cannot see a single dull spot anywhere, however the larger dimensions make it a little uncomfortable to carry around and hold.

WINNER: Apple iPhone 5 – Easier to hold, comfortable to carry. Nokia Lumia 920 feels too bulky and clunky in hands. Below is the visual comparison of both the devices.


iphone 5 lumia 920 display

Apple iPhone 5 sports a 4-inch display with a resolution of 1136 X 640 pixel at 326 ppi which is quite good for a 4-incher. The retina display is as flawless as always bringing to you the best of display quality. Colors are vibrant and sharp, and we did not come across any color tone related issue so far. The reason Lumia 920 won over iPhone 4S was due to the color contrast which is much better on Lumia 920. Similarly, the iPhone 5 has not improved significantly in terms of display, the only screen improvement being introduction of a 4-inch screen size over 3.5-inch screen of iPhone 4S for wide-screen media viewing. One serious issue with the display of iPhone 5 is that it scales down standard 1280×768 pixel media to suit its smaller resolution screen, so in case you are one of those who like to stream media over devices, the down-scaled resolution might be a thing to worry!

Nokia on the other hand opted for IPS LCD panel similar to the Apple iPhone 5 one, however the color contrast is still flawless in Lumia 920. With a 4.5-inch PureMotion HD screen and resolution of 1280×768 pixels at 332 ppi , the display quality can’t just be any better. The color quality is good to go, and down-scaling resolution is not really a case with Nokia Lumia 920. So you can just stream your favorite media over devices in HD without actually losing the quality.

WINNER: Nokia Lumia 920 -Bigger screen size, no down-scaling of media at a better color contrast as compared to Apple iPhone 5.


ios 6 vs windows phone 8

Both the devices run on two totally different operating systems. Apple iPhone 5 is powered by Apple’s iOS 6 which comes handy with a whole set of features and functionalities. No doubt Apple’s App Store is one of the biggest, this gives iOS an edge over the Windows Phone OS which powers Nokia Lumia 920. Coming to features, we don’t really know what Windows Phone 8 will offer in Nokia Lumia 920, since anything can be said only after Nokia Lumia 920 is released.

Nokia Lumia 920 is powered by Windows Phone 8 OS. The predecessor Windows Phone 7 OS was good and supported competent features, however we have mixed conceptions about Windows Phone 8 OS. Of course the Windows App Store is developing at a sonic speed, but considering the present day trend, we will have to give it to Apple’s iOS.

WINNER: Apple iPhone 5 – A bigger Apple App Store (7,00,000+ apps) as compared to Windows App Store.



Now this is one interesting comparison. Talking about Apple iPhone 5, we have a powerhouse Apple A6 processor with a 1 GB RAM. For sure, Apple iPhone 5 sports one powerful processor, even better than the best processors available, like the Qualcomm Krait processor on the LG Optimus G. Apple has been consistent in focusing more on performance ever since the launch of iPhone 4. Apple iPhone 5 comes handy with standard sensors including Accelerometer, Gyro, Ambient Light Sensor, Proximity sensor and a Compass. The powerful processor delivers flawless performance, and this gives iPhone 5 an edge over Lumia 920.

Coming back to Nokia Lumia 920, we have a QualComm Snapdragon Dual-Core 1.5 GHz Krait which is an older model of the Krait processor. Like iPhone 5, Lumia 920 also sports a 1GB RAM which delivers satisfactory performance.  Sensors available on board include Accelerometer, Gyro, Proximity Sensor and Compass. One good feature of Lumia 920 is the wireless charging capabilities, however anything more can only be said once we test it here, in Gadgec HQ.

WINNER: Apple iPhone 5 – Powerful A6 processor as compared to older Krait processor in Lumia 920 which was well competent with the Apple A5 processor.


iphone 5 lumia 920 storage

Apple has always focused on storage capabilities of its iDevices. The Apple iPhone 5 comes in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB model and does not support external memory. The top model with 64 GB storage is good to go for if you are really a media freak and have literally got a lot of media to transfer to your device. Otherwise, the 16GB variant is more than sufficient if you want to use Apple iPhone 5 for home purpose only. Apple iPhone 5 supports standard connectivity features which include 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi with A2DP support. NFC technology is not available in Apple iPhone 5.

Surprisingly, Nokia Lumia 920 is available only in 32GB non-expandable memory variant. Now this may turn out to be a limitation for you since the model lacks flexibility of storage. For this, we will have to give it to Apple iPhone 5. Lumia 920 supports 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi direct with NFC technology.


Storage- Apple iPhone 5 – Flexibility in storage options.

Connectivity- Nokia Lumia 920 – NFC technology support which is unavailable in Apple iPhone 5


iphone 5 lumia 920 camera compare

Camera quality is one of the most important features while comparing two smartphones. Everyone wants to capture their precious moments in the best quality available, and the two devices- Apple iPhone 5 and Nokia Lumia 920 don’t really have a lot of differences when it comes to Camera.

Apple unfortunately hasn’t really done much to improve the photo quality of its Camera. No doubt the 8-MP rear camera is capable of capturing really sharp and vibrant images, however the images captured have slight flaws in the color contrast. The camera in iPhone 5 has Auto-focus with flash and HDR, Face detection and Panorama mode, and is 40% faster than the one in iPhone 4S. Other features include noise reduction and low light performance capabilities. Apple iPhone 5 records videos at 1080p @30fps with video stabilization. At the front, we have a 1.2 MP camera.

Nokia Lumia 920 on the other hand sports a 8.7-MP PureView camera with Auto-focus and dual-LED flash support, Carl Zeiss Optics lens with optical image stabilization.  Videos are recorded at same 1080 p @30fps and at the front there’s a 1.3 MP camera.

WINNER: We call it a tie.


iphone 5 lumia 920 battery

We have never been happy with the battery backup of Apple’s iPhones. With iPhone 5, Apple hasn’t really brought up a denser battery. The device is really power hungry, and the battery backup on iPhone 5 can just be rated to an average score.

Coming to Nokia Lumia 920, the battery backup is better than the one in Apple iPhone 5, however the LTE chip and NFC technology are really power hungry and can drain your battery in no time. Well, still, the battery backup of Nokia Lumia 920 looks out good to us, and this is why we are going to give it to Lumia 920 this time.

WINNER: Nokia Lumia 920 – The 2000 mAh battery is decently sized for optimum performance.


iphone 5 lumia 920 price compare

Coming to the most important factor, i.e the price of the two devices. We have Apple iPhone 5 priced at $200 [32-GB Carrier locked] with Nokia Lumia 920 expected to be unveiled at a price of $150.

However, not to forger that Apple iPhone 5 is available in 3 different variants, however Nokia Lumia 920 is available only in 32 GB variant. This doesn’t really leave much choice for customers. But since the 32GB variant of Lumia 920 is cheaper with more features[Rough figures], we are going to give it to Nokia Lumia 920.

WINNER: Nokia Lumia 920- $150 price tag with more features.


Here’s a list of other miscellaneous features we didn’t talk about. [Photo credits: Redmond Pie]

Apple iphone 5 vs Nokia lumia 920 -comparison


iphone 5 vs lumia 920 verdict

Both the devices are present day smartphone leaders with exceptional performance and features. No doubt Apple iPhone 5 is one of the best devices to compete with, we have Nokia Lumia 920 giving it a head on competition. We are going to give it to Nokia Lumia 920 here, and for a realistic view, you can refer the the video below:


OVERALL WINNER: Nokia Lumia 920

Well, for sure Nokia Lumia 920 is going to give Apple’s iPhone 5 a tough competition, we can see it grabbing the crown of smartphone leader already. Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed.

Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed.

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