Apple iPhone 5 To Be Launched On September 21 ‘2012 ? [Rumor]

by admin on July 23, 2012

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Seems like the whole web is talking about nothing but the Apple iPhone 5 and its release date. Guys, let me tell you before-hand. Do not trust websites claiming to pre-book the Apple iPhone 5 since there has been no confirmed news coming from Apple as of now. The hype is all over the internet, and we surely don’t want you to lose out on your money due to some fake website claiming to sell the not-really-existing iPhone 5. Whatever we publish here is based on facts, and we have yet not confirmed the launch of Apple iPhone 5 as of now, here on Gadgec. Keep subscribed to our updates to be the first ones to know about the launch of iPhone 5 and its price. Stay safe!



Apple iPhone 5 – A Myth Or A Reality?

The week has been extra-ordinarily busy covering all about Apple iPhone 5. So far, we have reports confirming that Apple iPhone 5 will not be released anytime before September. Also, we know that manufacturing of parts has already begun in China. We are not really sure of the design changes since we haven’t seen any leaked pictures or solid-proof to believe the changes being talked about, but we do expect a slimmer body, bigger display and smaller charging port on it. No comments can be made about its backplate since some analysts claim that Apple has introduces LiquidMetal technology, while some like to stick with the present glass design!

The recent rumor comes from a French website, claiming that it has valid proofs that Apple will be launching its upcoming iPhone 5 on September 21 ‘2012. It’s hard to believe any random website on the release date of iPhone 5. We are not even sure right now if Apple will release it by the name of iPhone 5 or the New iPhone, as it did with the New iPad. If the reports claiming that production of parts has started in China is true, then there are good chances that Apple will unveil the iPhone 5 to public somewhere between September-October. The French blog, App4phone was seen reporting the following:

While the track’s August 7 logically begins to cool, we learned from our source that the future iPhone would be launched in September 2012, specifically September 21, 2012 .

This date sticks rather well with Planned Apple, knowing that the iPhone 4S was made available in mid-October 2011.

This September 21 concerns the United States, a part of Europe (including France and the United States), and China.


Well, we do not know of the past record of this French blog, so we are not really taking this rumor into account as of now. A lot of tech websites and blogs from all over the world are reporting different release dates for the upcoming iPhone 5. Our tip is simple for you. Just wait for Apple to announce a public event in few weeks, and it shall shut all of the release-related rumors up. Until then, do not fall in the traps of website claiming to sell iPhone 5. Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed!

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