Apple iPhone 5 NOT To Be Released In August ‘2012 [Rumor Shut-Up]

by admin on July 22, 2012

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Okay, so Apple partner companies start developing new iPhone parts and their production leads to a whole new era of rumors relating to the Apple iPhone 5 launch and the device specifications. Well, no body really knows when the mega-phone or call it Apple’s biggest iPhone innovation hits the international market, as of now. We just have reports coming from all over the world, and if we trust them, then Apple iPhone 5 will not be releasing anytime in August ‘2012. Though, the report does claim that Apple iPhone 5 will come along anytime in fall this year, but not in August. Here’s why!


Apple iPhone 5 release date

Recent reports from our friends at Verizon confirm that Apple will not be releasing its upcoming iPhone 5 anytime in August ‘2012. Following Verizon’s recent phone call, 3-days ago, we have got certain hints that Apple is interested in unveiling the iPhone 5 to the world in the fourth quarter of this year. And of course, the fourth quarter does not include the month of August. Verizon’s CFO has been seen talking about a new phone coming from Apple in the fourth quarter, and what else could it be other than the iPhone 5, as we love to call it. Some critics claim that Apple’s next installment of iPhone smartphone will be called the New iPhone, however we are keeping our lips sealed unless and until we get our hands on some crisp information regarding that.

Apple iPhone 5 Not Releasing In August ‘2012

Now since the fourth quarter does not include the month of August, and further we have seen Verizon’s CFO talking about the next smartphone from Apple, we can peacefully drop the rumor that the device would be launched in August. We are expecting Apple to unveil iPhone 5 anytime between September-October ‘2012, this is the time when Apple loves to unveil new products, as seen in the past. Now since iPhone 5 is not coming in August ‘2012, we can strongly support the report claiming that it is under final stage engineering at the moment.


Apple is making some severe changes to its iPhone 5 , saving time,space and money at the same time. A larger display, a LiquidMetal backplate, smaller charging port and Nano-SIM technology and a thinner body are few of the changes we are expecting from Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5.


This is not all! With the launch of Apple iPhone 5, we are also expecting full-version of iOS 6 to be launched for general users as well. Are you planning to buy the upcoming iPhone 5? Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed!

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